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  1. Hey guys, old news or no? Watching Bloomberg abt 15 mins ago, took a video, sry for the poor video execution. Interesting none the less. Other than the FDIC insurance, another take away is the Bloomberg anchors pointing out crypto use for anonymity. Also excited to see the media reengaging in crypto coverage. *** after doing a quick search, I see that FDIC insurance is not a new thing in crypto, should’ve done that before posting, sorry. Still good to see media coverage anyway though! ***
  2. I would not say my failed attempt at a trade was due to a lack of research, but possibly due to a lock of ‘proper’ research. I would agree with you that a majority of discomfort was due to exit strategy. I’m still learning this whole process, the only research I currently know how to do is Google searches for bitcoin, xrp, or crypto news. I’ve probably read every article written that comes up in those searches since the beginning of March. I don’t really know how else to research this space other than TA, but will continue to learn. As far as TA, (I’ve done plenty of google searches on what is a doji, a wick, what trend lines mean, rsi, etc...) I’m not confident in its application to crypto. If xrp went up 1 penny for every time I saw a chart posted with lines drawn all over them and the author exclaiming “bull run eminent”, we’d all be millionaires for sure by now. Truthfully, exit strategy was non existent for me in this trade. I understand I could stop loss the btc side of the trade, but I wanted to ensure I did not miss an immediate xrp rise in price with all my xrp investment tied into btc. I’ll figure out a better way to handle this in the future. I appreciate your input!
  3. I have been considering converting my xrp to btc on Coinbase for a while. (Just until US regulations become clear) Well, I pulled the trigger on it today in an attempt to get a part of a potential btc pump, and immediately had remorse. I could not help but feel that it could be the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I feel btc whales want to dump their stashes. While there may be a btc pump due to fidelity news and when they actually launch, I just feel that $6k/btc could be a sell trigger to btc holders, and a buy trigger from new investors, and I don’t have a clue what impact that will have w/btc price. In the mean time, the holders whose sell orders get filled could be spinning their money right around into xrp resulting in price increases in xrp that I could miss out on. Besides that, who knows, the SEC could make a surprise announcement regarding xrp not being a security at any moment as well. I don’t want to be caught off guard. Needless to say, within an hour I converted my btc back into xrp (lost a cpl hundred xrp during the process). I bought 1500 more xrp afterwards to settle my nerves, and have definitely learned from this. Obviously, I’m new to crypto and trading in general (bought my first xrp early in March). I won’t be making this mistake again. XRP is not the only crypto I hold, but it’s the majority of my portfolio. Just sharing my experience in case anyone else is also considering moving to btc from xrp like the OP of this thread.
  4. After reading what galgitron wrote, and understanding that etrade and fidelity either will offer, or, are offering crypto trading in btc and eth only (for now); Does it seem logical that btc whales, etrade, and fidelity are working together to help whales unload their “unwanted” btc to new, ‘traditional’ investors with large amounts of capital who would buy bitcoin based on name recognition and status, allowing whales to transition to other coins (thinking xrp, obviously) without crippling the value of btc until their transition is completed? (I apologize for the run-on sentence) I make this assumption due to the fact that I’m sure etrade and fidelity officials did research to decide what coins to offer. However, they chose not to offer xrp. It only takes a couple minutes to figure out that xrp is a far superior coin to btc, so, why would they choose not to offer it?
  5. Agreed, frustrating, but only bc it keeps costing me money. Just made my largest Coinbase transaction yet, yesterday @ .325, woke up to the bloodbath this morning, bought more @ .302. I’m on the hopium, along with being an eternal optimist, my only thinking is: Will I ever be able to buy xrp this cheap again!?
  6. i just downloaded the app, but do not have tip bot set up yet. I’m going to set that up tonight, and I will gladly accept payment via xrp at my business. (however, personally, at this point in time, I would never pay anyone else via xrp, I’d rather hold on to my personal stash, but if someone wants to give up theirs, I’ll accept it for sure!) I use QuickBooks for merchant services right now, It’d be nice if there was a plug in to accept crypto from there! When I email invoices, I can only accept cc or bank transfer online right now.
  7. Still here since March 2019! Can’t wait to look at this again in 4 years!
  8. I own a small business in Sarasota, FL, installing electronics (Radar, sonar, autopilot, satellite communications, audio/video, etc...) on boats/yachts. I submitted skilled laborer/transportation.
  9. Well, judging from the replies in @PhiGuy post in the general discussion section on whether or not cobalt is live, it seems as though members feel the charts are an error?? Is that the general consensus among members here? Like I said, I’m new to this, so forgive me if my next question is naive... Are chart errors a common occurrence that I should consider when studying them?
  10. Hey guys, new to investing and crypto, but constantly trying to learn... I caught wind of this today.... https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics March 23, transactions up by about double (to 916k +), # of ledgers tripled from yearly avg, (about 25k to about 75k) ledger close interval from abt 3.5 secs to 1.16 secs, and number of payments up from abt 25k to 125k. Is this bc of Cobalt like others have been suggesting? How could this impact XRP Price? (Currently down /24hr) Rumors suggest its bc of Cobalt, however, I’m hearing that Cobalt is not live... Any insight is greatly appreciated -Joey
  11. Sorry for such a newbie question, (I am 100% new to trading, just joined this chat group yesterday)... its 9:50 est currently... I understand that crypto is traded 24/7, and Tokyo trading is in full swing right now. Do the charts I reference for crypto pricing update in real time here in the USA with all transactions completed globally? Meaning; If a major transaction is completed in Tokyo for example, does my chart pricing of that particular coin update instantly, or is there a delay? If there is a delay, approximately how long is it?
  12. Hey guys, I had no clue this chat group existed until abt 10 mins ago! 4 days ago, I got a tip to check out xrp from a friend. I had never even heard of it, and had no interest in crypto currency in general. Well, I’ve been researching and google searching to the max the last few days. One of my searches led me to stumble upon this fascinating story, which led me here! https://dailyhodl.com/2019/03/19/ripple-insider-reveals-scoop-on-xrp-ethereums-vitalik-buterin-talks-eth-2-0-and-vaneck-says-bitcoin-and-crypto-is-here-to-stay/ in the last few days, I’ve opened a Coinbase acct and purchased some xrp. I’ve watched a cpl live stream YouTube sessions from guys like brad kimes and ckj crypto news, as well as many, many posted videos from numerous YouTube channels. I’ve jumped aboard this train and am riding it full steam ahead! I joined this forum in hopes of continuing to learn as much as I can, getting insight and opinions from you guys, and it wouldn’t hurt to acquire a contact or two either. Thanks for reading my introduction, and I hope all of you are having a great day!
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