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  1. It's RED and it SPAMS. Look at the tab most active contributors, there you can find your answer.
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/haydentiffany/ Read yourself
  3. To Brad Lyinghouse, can you make your promise that XRP will outperform Bitcoin come true this year? Only if XRP outperforms Bitcoin, this forum will come alive again
  4. 1 drop is 0.000001 which is exactly 1 million of a XRP, your math skills are from the same level of LetHerRip
  5. Maybe start a thread like "Some XRPchat members believe 1 drop of xrp will become 1 dollar" You know how many drops 1 XRP has? Probably not
  6. What would the price of XRP be if, Brad G. stop bashing Bitcoin and on the other hand keeps accumulating Bitcoin. David S. stops exchanging XRP for Bitcoin. Chris L. keeps spreading false information about how the Bitcoin hash rate is distributed. Jed M. stop selling XRP Ripple keeps making new anonymous accounts
  7. I don't want to insult you, but your math skills are below that of are toddler. For example, in every hour their are 60 minutes and by your logic their would be 60 new cryptos. In 1 day, their would be 24*60=1440 new cryptos. Exaggeration is an art, but this is way over the top.
  8. The US is desperate in need of money, they can randomly confiscated money from China or other countries pretending it is national security without any proof with the SWIFT system. RTGS Global means a national security thread for China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey, North Korea and a lot of countries the same as with the SWIFT system, probably even more with Microsoft as an US company for the server infra structure. If Chris Larson is smart, he will send that lying Bearable Guy to convince the Chinese banks to use Ripplenet. But Chris Larson is a dumb ass that is shouting year after year that Chinese miners control more than 66% of all Bitcoin miners, the truth is that a lot of medium size mining farms in China are run by foreigners avoiding import tax and lure by the cheap electricity price in China and setup a mining farm in China. Mining pools in China control more than 66% is something total different than Chinese miners control more than 66% of the hashrate. Any miner in China are free to point their hashrate to other foreign pools if the payout is better. Draft dodger Larson I hope you read this, so you will educate yourself next time you bash China again for controlling most of the hash rate. RTGS Global is DEAD ON ARRIVAL, and 43.300 banks is the theoretical maximum banks that will use it, which will never be the case Before you guys guys/girls wants to bash China, think again, China is the only country that can help all the bag holders be profitable again, inclusive myself. https://www.washingtonpost.com/gdpr-consent/?next_url=https%3a%2f%2fwww.washingtonpost.com%2fnational-security%2fus-sanctions-hong-kong-chief-and-11-others-blamed-for-repression-in-the-city%2f2020%2f08%2f07%2f5d6e41ba-d8b9-11ea-b9b2-1ea733b97910_story.html https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-banks-usa-sanctions/chinese-banks-urged-to-switch-away-from-swift-as-u-s-sanctions-loom-idUSKCN24U0SN https://www.bbc.com/news/business-17988142 China, with a currency constantly growing on market relevance, attempted to create a dollar alternative. On June 2017, the People's Bank of China and the Central Bank of Russia signed a memorandum to facilitate the exchange of crude oil using Yuans. Months later, in September 2017, China made official the existence of the Petroyuan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petroyuan
  9. If it use US dollars for settlement, it is already DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Some important countries are going to ditch the US dollar.
  10. It's just a start, better slow and sustainable then a hard pump and fall into pieces.
  11. Pump has started, if volume picked up there is a very great chance that XRP/BTC will pump higher.
  12. Very well designed website. It is even idiots proof with well chosen colors. Even grandpa's and grandma's will understand the working. Good job.
  13. If you watch today chart, almost everything is up, XRP is lagging behind and as soon XRP reach .20 sell orders are activated and keep pushing XRP down. XRP/USD is up but XRP/BTC is down
  14. It will lag behind, some bot is pinned XRP below .20 cents
  15. Wow, you made a new account exactly after this was posted.
  16. Bitcoin starts to pump, can the rest follow to make it sustainable?
  17. No wonder Brad Lyinghouse thinks XRP is outperforming Bitcoin, he always flip the XRP chart upside down. I can only think of another person doing the same, our beloved war time president Dumb. FWIW I hope you guys/girls can have a good laugh.
  18. Possible start of a bull run and yet XRP lack trust of retail investors and will probably lag behind. Brad Lyinghouse : XRP already outperform Bitcoin this year. Mike Novogratz : You idiot, I told you already XRP will be lagging behind because of the issues I addresses at the beginning of this year about Ripple and the founders holding too much XRP. You are probably holding the charts upside down, that's why you see XRP outperforming Bitcoin. FWIW. Brad Lyinghouse always blame that the wealth of Bitcoin is too centralize and point out that the biggest Bitcoin wallet contain 5% Bitcoins, but he never talks about the wallets of the founders of Ripple. Chis Larson wallets holds more than 5%. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rB5TihdPbKgMrkFqrqUC3yLdE8hhv4BdeY Arthur Britto (The man that will become very aggressive if you going to take a photo of him, that's why you can not find a photo of him) holds also a big chunk of XRP) Jed Mccaleb (Actually he is a very nice guy that got bullied away)
  19. You should take everything what Brad Lyinghouse says with a grain of salt. He has already proven many times to exaggerate and brag about it. Would a hacker not use his account first to send SCAM tweets instead of people unknown in the crypto universum? If I had bad habits, I known for sure I would use his twitter account and accounts from people well known in the crypto universum to send SCAM tweets for maximum impact. A SCAM only works best if it is believable and activate the GREED inside the human being. I am sure his account never has been hacked.
  20. Brad Lyinghouse also said Facebook 's Libra project was arrogance at it finest, that lying two headed snake should look at himself first. If you follow mister Lyinghouse interviews, you will notice he is bashing Bitcoin more than ever, but on the other hand he explain why he keeps buying Bitcoin when reporters ask him about his Bitcoin stacks. Dumbest CEO to represent Ripple, giving false signals to investors. He is good at bashing Bitcoin and bashing big investors who are asking valid questions, he act like the war time president.
  21. Always look at the sending address, it will give you most of the time info about a fake address.
  22. https://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/CDBC I don't know what CDBC is, but I do know what CBDC is.
  23. Who wrote the article for Forbes? Answer : John Navin Who the F***#$%***K is John Navin? Answer : A nobody Who did he interview? Answer : A nobody called Steve without a surname. An imaginary person? Maybe Steve is BG? No way, BG is bad at mathematics but good at bragging. Can it be JK? Maybe, now it is clear why he de-risk last year. He needs money to spend in Vegas
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