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  1. Scammers are ramping up giveaway campaigns. Scammers are now targeting Bitcoin for false Bitcoins giveaway. It is no use to stop them, they are auto creating multiple accounts and hacked accounts to fool people. I already stop reporting , the speed they change accounts and the lack of Youtube to do anything about it is mind blowing. To all the newbies, if anything is to good to be true, be cautious. Real giveaways like Ripple did in the early days do not ask you to send them coins, the only condition Ripple asked was that your account was before a certain date at bitcointalk. Even if you had hundreds of accounts at bitcointalk before February 19, 2013, 18:45 UTC you will receive 1000 XRP per accounts. These days are gone, almost every giveaway nowadays are SCAMS. BE CAREFULL If you still got scammed after this message, blame yourself, nobody can help you
  2. We can thank Navin Gupta humble attitude and the ability to explain in layman's terms that banks in the regions he is responsible for are going to sign up deals and stay on the ship after the trials expire. In some cultures you have to avoid bragging and being arrogance to have success in signing deals. Brad Garlinghouse should adopt these qualities from Navin Gupta to speed up adoption of XRP and the rising of the value of XRP. Depending on his audience, Navin Gupta can explain the working of XRP in layman's term that is suitable for his public. He don't use the same story over and over again like Brad Garlinghouse does. We still have to watch these low 2017 price for another one and a half year, until then watch this forum only once a month.
  3. Brad Shithouse has to stop bragging about XRP doing better than Bitcoin. A few months ago Mike Novogratz address some valid points, but instead of taken away concern for institutional investors Brad Shithouse brags in response to Mike Novogratz on twitter that XRP is doing 44% better than Bitcoin in February 2020. Yes at a specific time in February XRP is doing better than Bitcoin if you count at the start of 2020, but Mike Novogratz is pointing at the whole year and believe XRP will fall behind Bitcoin for the whole year. If we look at 2017 until now XRP has never done better than Bitcoin, so STOP bragging Mister Shithouse. Mister Shithouse also brag that banks contact Ripple that they were interested, but the truth is that Ripple contacted those banks. Mister Shithouse brags about more than 2-3 banks are signing up per week, but this idiot don't tell us that their are many banks stop using Ripplenet after the trial. Ripple don't report the total banks that have sign up anymore, because the rate of stopping is also increasing. The good news is that the rate of stopping to use Ripplenet after the trial is slowing down compare with banks signing up. This is thanks to Navin Gupta, the banks that are approached by this man keep using Ripplenet after the trials. I never pay attention to this man before until now. Brad Shithouse is a clown like Donald Trump. Personally I think the 10 million fee excluding additional cost for each branch for using ripplenet software is to high for many banks, because their aint enough corridors open yet. Banks will not use it unless profit is almost guarantee. Ripple did a good thing to let Moneygram use the software for free, I think SBI has a hand in this. If it was Chris Larsen I don't think it will come this far. Chris Larsen and Mister Shithouse are not the people we think they are, they are ******* greedy. David Schwartz is an idiot by posting a message on twitter saying he got cancer by hearing the word Bitcoin. Why on earth do you accumulate Bitcoin if you think you get cancer from Bitcoin? Don't worry guys/girls, if Ripple had more capable people like Navin and Mr Kitao, XRP already taken off. In the meantime Bitcoin will lead because of the halving.
  4. Scammers are popping up left and right today, ongoing XRP scam, ongoing Ethereum scam. The scammers are giving Ripple a bad name by suggesting it takes 10 minutes and 5 confirmation for the money to arrive. Only idiots will give idiots scammers their XRP
  5. Most miners in China have difficulties with paying their electricity bill these few months. You are allowed to transfer 300000 Renmenbi or about 50000 US dollar per person per year in or out the country using a Chinese bank account. This is not enough to cover the electricity bill for most of the miners if they can't access banks in Hong Kong. I myself don't have that problem. I am a Dutch citizen mining bitcoin since march 2010 and I relocate to China in august 2013, because I am tired off paying import taxes on the miners and the electricity bills in The Netherlands. I myself don't have the problems with the 300000 Renmenbi limit per person per year. I am using Dutch bank cards to avoid the limit. I set all those bank cards to a maximum withdrawal of 10000 Euro a day, I use ATM's to withdraw Renmenbi and then put them straight into my Chinese bank accounts to pay for the electricity bill. I sold 10 bitcoin last week for a fair price to pay for this month electricity bill, not every miners have that advantage. I also hold XRP and I like those to gain in value as well, but for the moment the sad news is, It won't go up until the miners can easily sell coins for a better price.
  6. What is wrong with the above comment. You don't watch the news? Since the unrest in Hong Kong the whole crypto markets took a nose dive, every time when there is positive news that the unrest will be over, the market recovers. Today it will take another nose dive, because the unrest keep getting worst. You are one of those terrorists?
  7. At this moment it is the situation in Hong Kong holding back the rise of the total crypto markets. Miners in China have difficulties to sell their bitcoin via Hong Kong and are forced to use other ways to sell at a lower price to pay for their electricity bills. Until the shit is over in Hong Kong we will see a drop in price for the overall market. The halving of Bitcoin in may 2020 will change that if the unrest is still happening in Hong Kong. If you favor your money, don't support those terrorists in Hong Kong.
  8. How do you feel, now you know you have invested in a coin that only have made the Ripple founders rich and you poorer?
  9. Title should be changed into "Under 3000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017"
  10. This forum needs a Defibrillator, it is as dead as XRP
  11. No matter what time you look at Bitstamp, there is always a sell wall. This sell wall moves back and forth automatically like it doesn't want to sell but only to scare people away. It is at least 300K xrp big. Anyone knows more about it function?
  12. Even fake toshi coin rise faster than XRP the stable coin
  13. As soon as XRP starts to rise, coins are dumped into the market to stop it from rising. How do you guys handle this stress watching sell walls and dumping of XRP?
  14. Price won't move, stuck in limbo for how many days?
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