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  1. Scammers are popping up left and right today, ongoing XRP scam, ongoing Ethereum scam. The scammers are giving Ripple a bad name by suggesting it takes 10 minutes and 5 confirmation for the money to arrive. Only idiots will give idiots scammers their XRP
  2. Most miners in China have difficulties with paying their electricity bill these few months. You are allowed to transfer 300000 Renmenbi or about 50000 US dollar per person per year in or out the country using a Chinese bank account. This is not enough to cover the electricity bill for most of the miners if they can't access banks in Hong Kong. I myself don't have that problem. I am a Dutch citizen mining bitcoin since march 2010 and I relocate to China in august 2013, because I am tired off paying import taxes on the miners and the electricity bills in The Netherlands. I myself don't have the problems with the 300000 Renmenbi limit per person per year. I am using Dutch bank cards to avoid the limit. I set all those bank cards to a maximum withdrawal of 10000 Euro a day, I use ATM's to withdraw Renmenbi and then put them straight into my Chinese bank accounts to pay for the electricity bill. I sold 10 bitcoin last week for a fair price to pay for this month electricity bill, not every miners have that advantage. I also hold XRP and I like those to gain in value as well, but for the moment the sad news is, It won't go up until the miners can easily sell coins for a better price.
  3. What is wrong with the above comment. You don't watch the news? Since the unrest in Hong Kong the whole crypto markets took a nose dive, every time when there is positive news that the unrest will be over, the market recovers. Today it will take another nose dive, because the unrest keep getting worst. You are one of those terrorists?
  4. At this moment it is the situation in Hong Kong holding back the rise of the total crypto markets. Miners in China have difficulties to sell their bitcoin via Hong Kong and are forced to use other ways to sell at a lower price to pay for their electricity bills. Until the shit is over in Hong Kong we will see a drop in price for the overall market. The halving of Bitcoin in may 2020 will change that if the unrest is still happening in Hong Kong. If you favor your money, don't support those terrorists in Hong Kong.
  5. How do you feel, now you know you have invested in a coin that only have made the Ripple founders rich and you poorer?
  6. Title should be changed into "Under 3000 Satoshi for the first time since 2017"
  7. This forum needs a Defibrillator, it is as dead as XRP
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