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  1. David Schwartz is definitely not Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2011 when he just discovered Bitcoin he doubt about his calculations about the mining speed per block. He asked about what he did wrong with his calculation. What he did not know at that time is that sometimes the mining speed is caused by LUCK. If you look at a long period of time the mining speed is on average 600 seconds per block, but sometimes the mining speed is faster than 600 seconds per block because of LUCK. This was something he did not know at that time, I am pretty sure he knows it now.
  2. And you are posting with a newbie account, this is how most of the time scams works. I am not accusing you, but these days we need to be extra careful, because there are more scams now than before.
  3. From www.coinsbank.com I know they have held blockchain conferences and all of their previous conferences are mention on www.coinsbank.com If you read it right, I am suspicious because the domain is not the same and I have not yet confirm it is a scam, I say "Be careful, this could be a SCAM"
  4. I got confused by www.coinsBANK.com www.coinsGANG.com So I need to check if it is legit.
  5. Be careful, this could be a SCAM I am checking
  6. No, this is not a question about a title to a paper.
  7. Xrp the coin that the banks love, but investors hate. What do you think?
  8. You can't rant on this forum, I got multiple warnings for ranting even if the facts are true. You only can rant if you are applauding for the Brad and David gang.
  9. 1 Bitcoin = 100.000.000 Satoshi, 1 Satoshi is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. 1 Dollar is 100 Cents. 1 XRP = 1.000.000 Drops, 1 Drop is the smallest unit of a XRP. Total amount of Bitcoin is 21 million, total amount of XRP is 100 Billion Technically there are 47.619 times more of the smallest units of XRP than the smallest units of Bitcoin. / = 47.619
  10. No need to wait for the 2 house hold names. Everyone with more than 1000 XRP has more than 1 Billion drops, which make them technically Billionaires in XRP drops.
  11. https://u.today/ripple-cto-criticized-for-insensitive-cancer-joke-about-bitcoin-btc-billionaires
  12. David will not answer the question of this thread. He is busy hoarding Bitcoin and deleting all his publicly know Bitcoin wallet addresses since May. I personally think Brad and David is giving a bad signal to the community by bashing Bitcoin, but on the other hand they keep accumulating their Bitcoin stash.
  13. Of course David is excited that the crypto market have rise 40% this year if you look how many Bitcoin he has hoard this year. And that from a guy that says he get CANCER every time he hear the word Bitcoin. In May he start to redirecting and deleting all of his publicly know Bitcoin addresses. He is even deleting his special made Bitcoin address 1Joe1Katzci1rFcsr9HH7SLuHVnDy2aihZ
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