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  1. I think this topic was helpful, especially thanks to those who helped.
  2. We succeeded in moving assets after writing, thank you for the kind guidance. :-)
  3. Good evening. I am an eligible person for this fixMasterKeyAsRegularKey. Is this fix scheduled to take effect today, is it possible to send a normal transaction from a generic wallet? Or do I need to find a wallet connected to a special 1.3.1 node, or is there a technical blind spot or challenge I overlooked? I'm currently trying to send money using an old minor wallet called ripplerm (https://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/) or a minimalist ripple client. Even with these procedures, you can't send money on the main net yet. I would appreciate it if you have any knowledge available. Thank you.
  4. thank nikb so much. I immediately told this to my acquaintances carefully.
  5. Thanks for quite detailed advice and verification, i am visiting this site now to check my vote. I will read and understand your guidance carefully.
  6. THX :-) Same as my understanding. The service is not provided at the API level and there is no website that collects UNL-only voting progress. In practice, however, nodes including UNL can express approval / rejection by adopting the latest or just before ledgers. My shallow understanding is probably correct. The current progress is probably about 53%.
  7. It seems unusual that you are here, thank you. I want to learn more about black holes if I want to go deeper into bug verification. My acquaintance lost my wallet authority, and I'm in trouble because I can't move about 1.4 million XRP. I, acquaintances and Original Poster rippleJason are looking forward to 80% of Validator accepting the MAINNET "fixMaster" revision, is there a way to see the UNL voteratio? If anyone knows this well and is not tired, please let me know this.
  8. Thank you for your kind posting. I understand, I confirmed that there was no problem with remittance from the address that reproduced the bug created on the test net.
  9. Thank you for your kindness. Thanks to everyone who actually made the revision, i and wallet owner want to transfer funds from a wallet address that has already lost master key unlocking authority in this revision. Is there a solution? “In addition, this fix allows accounts that have their signature verification code changed and their normal key already set to match the master key, can successfully send transactions using the key pair.” from: https://xrpl.org/known-amendments.html#fixmasterkeyasregularkey It is written here, but it seems that you can already send money, i don't know the latest wallet that can be connected to Rippled 1.3.1, do I need to connect to WEBSocket and assemble a remittance RAW transaction by myself? As a precaution, I also sent an email to support, and thank you for your polite comments in a busy place. Japanese people have recently talked about Xpring investing 1billionXRP in the coil, and there is a 50:50 impression of those who are agree or skeptical about this. Japanese investors look forward to your company.
  10. It is surprising that no one can solve such a simple problem! The bug actually exists, and the developers do not really think that this needs repair. Ripple is β test stage.
  11. @r0bertz Your response is really gentlemanly and looks a hacker. The lack of information to report to me in peace is gone, thank you.
  12. @r0bertz Thank you for responding to my clumsy English. I don't know what your role is on this issue, but I'm glad if you can take this for a moment when you have time. You are not responsible for working on this in a hurry, but I'm glad you feel sorry for him. I'm an amateur hacker and I've invested for xrp to 2013 Q3, but I've found some people afflicted with these problems and feel a li'l sad. If Ripple does not consider and reply to this issue, I feel that I will know the essential reasons that Mr.Jed McCaleb quit early. Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)<omg Product specifications and bugs, and that you have to give this rudimentary topic in the world of smart contracts. Even Google had a slogan...(๑╹ω╹๑ )
  13. yaya,this asset is currently unretrievable due to a bug. A man bought 2 million XRP from an acquaintance in a relative deal, and at the same time, he made a mistake using the ripplem wallet. This guy first looked for something he could understand on Twitter without knowing what happened.
  14. Dear nikb. I am Japanese xrp freak. Since last week I was investigating this issue, and I have been investigating Japanese wallet logs where it is not possible to sent the 1.4 million XRP wallet. There is one thing I understood. Authority is lost in the little another process of known way. 1. Set address for regular key. 2. disable_master flag.[setflag:4] 3. Log in with the regular key. 4. Overwrite the regular key on public-address. This bug is serious because it is caused by multiple misunderstandings of users who do not understand. This report has been formally sent to Ripple. I am happy that you are an understanding of productdesign with true foolproof. In Japan, there are many people with don't read reference of XRP ledger, so many people think that it is a hack. Whether my friend and Mr ripplejason, I think it's merciless to simply consider it a user responsibility. I believe in the good will of the dear Ripple team.
  15. Good thread. I am the Japanese cryptocurrency freak, and I was having trouble finding exactly the same bug last week about this issue reported by rippleJason. I think that there should be a confirmation dialog in the method of creating a black hole wallet, and I think that an error in the corresponding procedure is a kind of failure or a deficiency of the system.I have a friend who has lost control of one million XRP wallets in the parallel universe, and I hope that Ripple will do the following on this matter: 1. Add an exception to the process of trying to write the own address at SetRegularKey, and add a new error code similar to tecNO_ALTERNATIVE_KEY. 2. Create an account management ticket recovery procedure for the owner of the wallet that has lost authority by taking the corresponding black hole bug. 3. Announce this as much as possible. (If you don't want it to be considered intentional or procrastination) For 1, it is logical to allow duplication of public keys, and even if it is allowed, it is even more strange for the disable_master flag to go on without asking the user. (It may seem like a childish mistake or trap in the composition of authority due to the failure of the development team) As for (2), the property of my acquaintance is actually frozen and the person is confused. When I saw the Internet, a few similar problems have been posted to the forum from around 2017, practically dozens So it's no wonder you're awake enough. As for 3, I'm glad to find that the ripple SE has reacted to this thread and that the logic circuit isn't rotten. Thank you.
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