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    arathan reacted to Julian_Williams in The new Ripple competitor!   
    I think anyone who tries to partner with Jed will end up tearing their hair out and regretting their decision.  It would be like getting married to Meghan Markle
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    arathan reacted to BarnBuilder in Facebook to compete with Ripple?   
    What better way to understand what people are doing than see what they are spending money on, where, and when and sell all that data?  I saw an article where a few anonymous Chinese were asked about the digital Yuan.  Responses seem to be unfavorable for the reason that people really dont want Big Gov to know everything.  Its probably naive to think Visa doesnt sell my information though ):  I dont know how anyone would want to feed the FB empire.
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    arathan reacted to mrhat75 in #XRP The Security   
    Biden isn't president elect of anything so the rest of your article can't be taken seriously
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    arathan reacted to LetHerRip in #XRP The Security   
    Gary Gensler, a Washington and Wall Street veteran who has closely studied the budding cryptocurrency field, will lead the financial policy transition team for projected U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.
    Who is Gar Gensler?


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    arathan reacted to Caracappa in What if Ripple makes it's own Private Bank?   
    Exactly this. The advantage that Ripple has to for example JPM with their JPM coin is they are a third party and not a competitor. Banks will not be very fond of using eachothers coins while XRP is a neutral third party coin that has the ability to connect and bridge all the banks 'walled gardens' with eachother.
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