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  1. Also, the balance changes is specifying which currency and how much of each was actually traded between addresses? Correct?
  2. Okay thanks Bob. This really clears things up. One last thing. Concerning the 83.401513 XRP that rsdMbYxHmYswHCg1V6vBsnxmHuCjpn6SC4 pays. I can deduce that it either is paid to rKiCet8SdvWxPXnAgYarFUXMh1zCPz432Y or rB3gZey7VWHYRqJHLoHDEJXJ2pEPNieKiS. I know from the transaction detail that rB3gZey7VWHYRqJHLoHDEJXJ2pEPNieKiS ends up exchanging XRP with 3 addresses, which, in sum is equivalent to 83.401513 XRP. So I assume that this amount was sent to rB3gZey7VWHYRqJHLoHDEJXJ2pEPNieKiS. Can I make this assumption?
  3. Hi. Thanks for the response. This is still confusing when looking at XRP charts. It is just a list of numbers and I am not sure how to relate them in any way. Could you elaborate on what I mentioned in my question concerning the 83.40 XRP? So from your post, what does XLM.riplefox mean? Did rsdMbYxHmYswHCg1V6vBsnxmHuCjpn6SC4 trade XRP for XLM with rKiCet8SdvWxPXnAgYarFUXMh1zCPz432Y?
  4. Hi Bob, I have been looking through a few similar transactions, and I am wondering in this case how the following transaction can be deciphered. (You will have to click on "Show" under TX JSON) https://bithomp.com/explorer/?r=1A06B8E85C40B3756BE0B24A04DEE76E5BC5B0EFFBABB15F4634860CA78807F4 I am mainly concerned with the 83.40 XRP that is supposedly sent from rsdMbYxHmYswHCg1V6vBsnxmHuCjpn6SC4 to elsewhere. In this case it is not specified who this is being sent to. I did notice that XRP send from rB3gZey7VWHYRqJHLoHDEJXJ2pEPNieKiS to addresses [r4najz5nPC2zoYWiereTZN6kxJezP2ZJrD, rGM
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