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  1. @Tinyaccount @BobWay @retryW When Ripple says "Direct Sales" in their quarterly reports, does this refer ONLY to FI's that are Ripple partners which bought XRP, or does it include other entities? For example, if a hedge fund or other non-Ripple affiliated entity wanted to buy a large block of XRP, would this be included in "Direct Sales"?
  2. Yeah right, that is obvious now. Thanks. In addition, is it easier to transact with exchanges on the XRP Ledger? For example, if you had an account on Bitfinex, is it easier to transfer XRP to you XRP Ledger account, and then transfer to your other account on Bitstamp? Or could easily do that through your exchange account on Bitfinex? I am just trying to understand why keep/use XRP on a Ledger account. It just seems easier to avoid.
  3. @Sukrim What do you mean keeping them as debt? Do you not own the XRP on an exchange account?
  4. So then for an INDIVIDUAL, what is the benefit of creating an account on the XRP ledger? Why would you do it? If you could get some XRP from lets say a customer on Bitfinex, what would you do with that XRP on the ledger that you cannot do if you have an account with XRP on Bitfinex? Kind of in sum, why create an XRP Ledger account when you can trade/hold XRP on exchanges?
  5. I am wondering if any individual can create an account on the Ripple ledger. Or is it constrained to Ripple Partners, institutions using xRapid, exchanges/gateways, and RippleLabs? And by any individual, I mean a random person. I.e, if I wanted to create one.
  6. What does it mean to activate an address on the Ripple ledger? Does this mean you are the owner? Does it imply any relationship between the activator and the activatee?
  7. So I have read about paths and understand what they mean. But, I am trying to understand if you can see the movement through the paths in the actual transaction. It seems like you cannot. For example, in the following transaction: https://bithomp.com/explorer/93B95DC9886B49B0EAD45F4A84F5DE9942CD1265699F1034405AB0097F4C3C7A The following addresses appear in the path section, but not in the orderbook changes section or outcome section. rhKJE9kFPz6DuK4KyL2o8NkCCNPKnSQGRL rfYv1TXnwgDDK4WQNbFALykYuEBnrR4pDX rGEDQD48uACC2JFHykNLDPj1LPuU3QsqpV rGUrehcNthxydn9RXg7NAFBAiCzr2gQKYQ But they have type\":48 which implies an orderbook. How do we know what is being exchanged in the paths section if the data does not appear in the transaction? Thanks
  8. So would sales directly to exchanges be classified as PROGRAMMATIC or INSTITUTIONAL sales?
  9. Hi, I was wondering for all who use the Data.Ripple.com API, why I cannot access ESCROW CREATE and ESCROW EXECUTE transactions. For example, if I use the following URL it does not load anything, or gives me an error: https://data.ripple.com/v2/transactions?type=EscrowCreate&limit=100 You can see the following URLs as reference: https://data.ripple.com/ https://developers.ripple.com/data-api.html
  10. Right @Chris_Reeves so if you wanted to create fake volume, creating offers and then canceling them would work. But the fact that you create an offer would not push up the price? (Unless you execute/fulfill the order).
  11. Hi, I was wondering if I just issued an OfferCreate to exchange XRP for BTC, for an excessive amount of XRP, would that push up the price of XRP? For both the case the Offer is canceled and executed.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I just want to make one thing clear. Since updates were made to Bithomp if you refer to the first transaction I talked about: https://bithomp.com/explorer/?r=1A06B8E85C40B3756BE0B24A04DEE76E5BC5B0EFFBABB15F4634860CA78807F4 Since only three balance changes appear before you show the JSON,(Because of the new update) does that mean those were the only balances that changed? The other exchanges that occurred during this transaction, are those examples where currency was actually transferred from one person to the other? Need to make sure. Thanks.
  13. No I am not. I am just trying to understand how this works. There have been many posts about the distribution of XRP and people who have done an analysis of these sales. This is exactly why XRP Chat was created.
  14. I understand how Ripple sells XRP from their accounts. In this case I am referring to the sales that contribute to the numbers that are published in their quarterly reports. I understand that they sell to banks and institutions as well as programmatically to exchanges and through OTC trades. I also understand that you can at least see the XRP side of the sale on the Ripple ledger. But I have a few remaining questions to clear things up. 1) I want to make sure that there is no way to see the other side of the transaction. Meaning, the currency that the buyer of the distributed XRP pays Ripple Labs/Ripple for the XRP. Does Ripple accept payment for newly distributed XRP in cryptocurrencies?
  15. So this sale to the third party will appear on the Ripple Ledger I assume? And in this case you will see the payment on the Ripple Ledger, but as you say above, the other side of the trade, from the exchange to Ripple will be private, correct?
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