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  1. This will only establish 'a level playing field'. Some of us know a fast digital asset will win on a level playing field.
  2. First Session- works. Can we have a calendar event created for this; that will convert time zones accordingly and get a notification on mobile/email.
  3. Option 2 or Option 3 would be great. I have used ripplerm wallet which good, not sure if this will fill all use cases for our study group. https://github.com/ripplerm
  4. Wow the syllabus is very comprehensive. Thanks @BobWay After seeing the syllabus, I am planning to introduce this forum/thread to my friend who is willing to learn and explore a bit in fintech space (he is a software engineer, so I guess he will be a good addition to the ecosystem). Hope this is ok...
  5. Hello I am Anirban. Here on xrpchat please call me by my username: whitefanng. Sorry for being late to the introduction thread, have been travelling for work past week or so. I am working with an Indian org. for business/financial analysis with 5 years of experience. I want to learn about the XRP ledger, creating IOUs and different ways to bridge/tie value to XRPL by those IOUs. I came into knowledge of blockchain/fintech in late 2017. Saw the mention of bitcoin in newspapers and tried to learn about it from publicly available resources. I tried out different blockchains (basic sending payments and other features): Bitcoin/Ethereum/XRPL/Stellar/IOTA and also lots of ICOs on ETH. Quickly came to the conclusion- XRP is far better than anything out there in the crypto market. I was very impressed by the decentralized exchange on XRPL which I believe is the best feature of it (tried using it via https://theworldexchange.net/). I'm on twitter : @_anirban_ I am from Delhi, India and I can speak English, Hindi & Bengali. I can help you create additional content for learning.
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