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  1. I believe this is the first production grade DLT implementation of this magnitude. It’s a massive win for Blockchain in general and enterprise Blockchain, especially. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-06/blockchain-scores-major-win-as-australian-exchange-plans-shift
  2. This topic seems to have become a recurring theme:
  3. Interesting and perhaps reason to be cautiously optimistic. While the article touches upon several things, the most important takeaway is the omnipresence of JP Buntinx. I next expect to see an article from him in Golf Digest, followed by one on the Hare and Hound.
  4. Good man. I would add Lagavulin and Laphroaig to that.
  5. @JonHolmquist, I bought 100,000 PRX from the old address - it was one of the orders you filled before fixing the bug. How do I transfer it to the new address?
  6. @Graine - great visualization. At current zerp rates, there are 7 holders with > $1Billion. I wonder if even one or two of those are individuals.
  7. XRP to the moon! (but I always think that)
  8. @Hodor, I believe the NPCI news is a few months old, but still very significant. I posted about this a few weeks ago in a related thread:
  9. To start with, I'm looking for the most basic information - who the current players are and what are the tools they use to manage risk. This is specific to cross-border payments, as I am more familiar with what MMs do in securities, etc. It might turn out to be the very same players doing pretty much the same thing, but I'm curious to see if there is a differentiation.
  10. Thanks @tomxcs and @Coinseeker - let's hope something comes up. One of the areas I'm exploring is the possibility of a Euroxrp market - similar to Eurodollars. There's a whole host of other derivatives that come to mind, but first I need to ascertain what the current MM infrastructure is (if there is any in this space) and then what their appetite for farming the liquidity risk is.
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