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  1. I'm a little upset that Brad didn't answer my question about Ripple merchandise, while at the same time flaunting a rather snappy Ripple coat.
  2. If I wasn't so lazy I'd make a gif of the winkening. But as I already mentioned, I'm lazy.
  3. We've had a good run with leaked news lately. Amex, 8th Dec escrow, price jump when Indian bank was supposed to purchase.
  4. Two years ago I was saying that XRP could hit $10-$20 and I was told that was insanely optimistic. Now people are talking about $1000
  5. Thread entropy: lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
  6. I like this one. He could have just ignored the question.
  7. Imagine how many cryptokitties you could buy if XRP had a market cap of $27T!
  8. Would something like cryptokitties run on Codius?
  9. My guess is that escrow will tip the banks risk assessment numbers just enough so that they actually can hold XRP. Banks have been willing to hold zerp for ages but they simply couldn't. So the lock up itself won't effect the market. But there could be a flood of bank purchases soon after.
  10. I just arrived here from one year ago. Gotta say, I'm quite impressed with the price. Now, if only I could travel backwards in time...
  11. Eat a cookie, by the time you're done you'll feel right as rain.
  12. Ripple haters say XRP isn't a real cryptocurrency anyway
  13. Ripple bashers are a bit like flat earthers.
  14. If every XRP holder refused to sell XRP for less than $10 each. The market cap would be $1T without any extra money flowing in.
  15. I predict the bubble will burst at 6 trillion total market cap. This prediction is based on what the chicken bones ? told me during a voodoo dance.
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