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  1. Yeah it's still difficult to buy for most people and virtually impossible for non-technical people. Look through Facebook and Twitter comments. There's dozens of people asking "how do I buy XRP?"
  2. Yeah. It feels weird paying a buck each. But keep in mind, when XRP hits coinbase, there will be countless newbies thinking "only a buck each?! That's so cheap! I'll grab as much as I can."
  3. Yup, zerp is a phonetic way of saying XRP XRP = zerp Xerox = zerox
  4. They helped gatehub get started when ripple trade got shut down. Gatehub has been a disaster.
  5. I was just trying to find the original email. But I think it was sent as a message through the BitStamp system. I think I deleted it. It was about four messages that kept asking for more information. I remember that I had to send receipts of the bitcoin I bought with AUD and I had to send records of my poloniex transactions. Also the public key of my cold wallet. In the end they sent a message saying something along the lines of "okay that should be sufficient, but we're keeping our eye on you."
  6. 0.006 - 0.06 happy, numb, scared 0.03 - 0.40 happy, numb 0.25 - 1.00 happy
  7. Great work @JoelKatz I liked the part where he talked about supporting XRP developers. Support, tools and investment.
  8. I think that FI's simply couldn't hold XRP until after the lock up. It's all about risk calculation. This price rise isn't just a pump. It's big money entering.
  9. Keep an eye on their YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/ripplevideo1
  10. He's not wrong. We broke the universe! But don't worry, we'll move to a new one!
  11. Yes. They will all use XRP. Eventually
  12. Nah. I bought bitcoin in Australia, sent that to poloniex, converted to XRP then put it in a cold wallet.
  13. I cashed out a few 10's of thousands back in May via BitStamp. Interestingly, the staff made me do a lot of extra KYC stuff. I had to provide evidence that I got my zerp legally. The transactions went through smoothly, but there was a lot of hoops to jump through.
  14. I'm gonna buy a faraday suit with matching tesla coil. The tax man won't get near me.
  15. It's in a super position of both real and fake. Believe that it's real when you observe it so the probability wave will collapse on the real side of reality.
  16. We're getting more and more mainstream everyday.
  17. A huge backlog of "Shut up and take my money" type people is a good problem to have.
  18. Which country are you in and how do you wish to buy? (bitcoin, USD, credit card?)
  19. If it's McDonald's, I'm half right.
  20. I picked a random crypto, then moved to a universe where that crypto just happened to do really well.
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