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  1. Teach newbies chart analysis, then take their money when they follow the charts.
  2. I would like to know too. My guess would be, payments are exchanges made from wallet to wallet and trade is what's reported from exchanges.
  3. When Trump becomes president. He prints a wheelbarrow full of million dollar bills to pay off the US debt. The mighty dollar now worthless, XRP becomes the currency of choice. 1 year, 9 months, 7 days and 1 hour from exactly. ...... now!
  4. You think I should post my wallet and see if RL gives me a Christmas present?
  5. I used the portal gun to move into a universe where ripple just happens to do really well. In this time line, xrp peaks at $20 in two years, but Trump becomes president.
  6. Thanks for all the kind words about my works! I've added the toothpick holder to Thingiverse for those of you who have access to a 3d printer. (I think you can even get stuff printed online now days) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1185559 If you would like a 250Kg paper weight and can find a business with a CNC wiresaw, you can use the gcode as follows. G0 X-157 Y0 G1 X-157 Y302 G2 X-101 Y566 R137 G3 X-101 Y656 R45 G2 X-173 Y911 R137 G2 X12 Y721 R137 G3 X90 Y676 R45 G2 X347 Y611 R137 G2 X90 Y546 R137 G3 X12 Y501 R45 G2 X-30 Y314 R137 G1 X157 Y314 G1 X157 Y0
  7. September 2015 I was living under a rock during bitcoins rise and fall. I vaguely remember when bitcoin first came out and you could mine it on your PC. But I thought it was stupid and ignored it completely. My attention was drawn back to bitcoin this year because I kept hearing about how ISIS was using it. I looked into it again and kicked myself for not mining it in the old days. I did my research looking for the next big thing and I feel XRP is the best bet.
  8. The electric companies have made more from bitcoin than anyone else.
  9. Got bored at work this time. I was supposed to be making giant blue stone blocks for Melbourne's Parliament House. I had more fun making a Ripple paper weight out of one of the off cuts.
  10. Hmmmm, those fees look better. I'll look into it. Pity it still takes a day though. I think this is why Australian banks have come on board so early. It's very multicultural here and lots of people sending money to family all over the world in small frequent amounts.
  11. I frequently send money to Thailand. $18 a pop plus a crap conversion rate. I hope they get on board soon.
  12. Will there be any problems with countries that have made cryptocurrency illegal?
  13. Yeah! Now it's starting to look like something. Could probably make something for a competition or giveaway. Not sure about selling though. I'd like to know what Ripples licencing policy is on using their logo for toothpick holders.
  14. "Guaranteed loss" Like posting your secret key online?
  15. Yeah, I think I'll make some changes and reprint at a nicer resolution.
  16. I got bored, so made a ripple logo toothpick holder. I think I might spray paint it gold.
  17. I loaded up at @ $0.0042 with an amount I'm comfortable losing. I see it as like buying a couple of years worth of lottery tickets in one go. But with much better odds.
  18. Morty


    Been luring for a while now. Lurked at the old forum before it shut too. Figured it's time to say hi.
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