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  1. 1 hour ago, lucky said:

    When I still was on twitter I’ve been in private chat with both xrptrump and tiffany regularly, with heated debates about various topics, including off topic. It was impossible these two were one person, both had dialogs with each other that were in character. I believe xrptrump may be Dutch, or that at least he’s in Europe. I think he genuinly believes in the project and does not want good David Schwartz to clean up all the fud and hate, but wants to assist him in that almost impossible task. Tiff probably has similar motivations, but she has also has ties with Ripple on a personal level, and has not been secret about that.

    What I really appreciate about xrptrump is that he’s always a gentleman, and fights fud with facts and reason, and is pretty damn good at that. I’ve invited him to my party at 31-12-2019 and he promised me to be there.

    Didn't Dr Trump go missing for a while late last year? Maybe the Dr burned out and passed the account on to Tiff. Just a wild speculation. 

  2. 1 hour ago, tulo said:

    Come on...it's just a funny gif. 

    Imagine if he posted some pedo-pornographic material...that would have been a problem, since the memo would be stored in every Ripple node.

    It's a problem that is already known to distributed ledgers, in fact in bitcoin history there are lots of hidden data (including pornographic material).

    Now that more trolls are aware that anyone can release an escrow, next months comment may be much worse. ?

  3. 8 hours ago, Invincible said:

    I believe you are looking at it the wrong way, by personal use under 10k it means that you can spend under 10k in a financial year and it will be tax free, not that your if your initial investment was under 10k so your outcome wouldn't be affected (unless if that's under 10k)

    If you invested $100 and now it was $9,999 then you don't need to pay CGT if you use it to spend on personal use.

    So by that rule one can use $10k every financial year to spend on interwebs and not pay CGT but if you cash out or spend more than 10k you are liable to pay taxes.



    If your position right now is in say millions then you have to pay taxes if you spend over 10k each financial year or cash out any amount regardless of your initial investment being under 10k


    No, I think I'm reading it the right way. Here's a quote from the ATO I found on a forum. Source linked below. 


    "Let’s start with the principle that Bit-coin is considered to be a CGT asset; any gain from disposal of bitcoin will be subject to capital gains legislation.

    However, gains from disposal of personal use assets are disregarded. Personal use assets are CGT assets, other than collectables, used or kept mainly for the personal use or enjoyment of you or your associates. Any personal use asset you acquired for less than $10,000  is disregarded for CGT purposes."





    acquired for less than $10,000  not disposed of for less than $10k.


  4. So I just learned that "personal use" items under $10,000 are exempt from the aussie capital gains tax. 


    I paid less than $10K for my zerp (3 years ago) and I totally needed them for personal use. You know for buying stuff on the interwebs. 

    Looks like a nice little loophole for Aussies. 


  5. 9 hours ago, LordVetinari said:


    I'm hijacking this thread! Let's play.... 


    Rules are simple.

    1. Who or what can you blame for buying XRP?
    2. Explain how they or it affected your decision.
    3. You can't blame yourself! 

    I blame air! Without air I would have died and not bought XRP. 


    ISIS was primarily responsible for making me invest in crypto. I didn't know what crypto was until I heard on the news that isis was being funded by bitcoin. 

  6. 51 minutes ago, Gangus said:

    Okay, I'm really freaking confused right now. Someone please help me understand. From what I understood originally is that the IRS declared all cryptocurrencies as property. Now I keep hearing that Fincen says it is a currency along with the SEC may say XRP may be a security. If it is a currency then why the hell do we have to pay capital gains on all our trades and and our profits/transactions. Is anyone else confused about this. Are these completely different things or is it the U.S just can't make up there freaking minds?

    The people who write law are really freaking confused right now. 

    They thought all this crypto hub-bub would go away. They want to protect people from obvious ICO scams. They are concerned about one start up company controlling a good size chunk of the worlds wealth. They don't understand crypto very well and they know it. When in doubt, procrastinate. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Blockchained said:

    If not for this chat room here I would have never heard about it because I don’t watch Ellen  and I live right here in the USA .

    Now let me say that I traveled around the world once or twice and The Ellen Degenes show is as popular as the chin chong show .

    I'm a middle age Australian male and I often watch Ellen. I think this is a lot of bang for 4 million bucks. 

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