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  1. Yeah I tried to buy a ton more and my funds are STILL locked in limbo. Oh well.
  2. All cryptos are at where they are at because of speculation. In the future there will be a crash. Just like the dot com boom. The only survivors will be crypto with actual use. XRP has actual use and is about to have a lot more actual use.
  3. Meh it's just FUD https://www.forbes.com/sites/pamelaambler/2017/12/12/south-korea-is-not-banning-bitcoin-trade-financial-regulators-clarify/#3649024d1427
  4. CNBC buying XRP on air

    In the beginning Ripple Labs called their coin Ripple, divisible into Drops. They used the currency code XRP. X means cross border or international currency and the RP means Ripple. Then they changed their name from Ripple Labs to Ripple. But the coin was still called Ripple. Creating confusion. Now they refer to it as XRP to lessen the confusion. But technically it's called Ripple.
  5. Why don't they do a news story on Jeds 90B Stellar?
  6. This Lady Must Be Stopped

    Now that's a sexy mental image.
  7. Coinbase is just buying the dip.
  8. Hodl guys. Once this thing hits 1 penny, it'll go to 2 in no time.
  9. Sticker Shock

    I bought $AUD4000 more yesterday. It felt so weird getting so little. It felt weird spending that kind of money without really worrying about it.
  10. When it blows past bitcoin, it will get so much mainstream media attention it will just keep going.

  12. The Sickness of Greed

    Go full 'John McAfee' and end up with 49 kids
  13. Coinbase XRP video????

    It's completely real. The other leaked photos were real too.