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  1. If you take 10's of thousands of $ outer BitStamp they start asking questions. Like. Where did you get all that zerp? Prove it! Prove it better! Provide us with documentation. Ok, but we still got our eye on you!
  2. He's right that banks are unlikely to go USD>XRP>GBP. USD>GBP is already efficient. Ripple is after exotic markets... INR>XRP>KRW MXN>XRP>THB CNY>XRP>NZD
  3. $0.0042
  4. I need a Ripple poof to rest my feet on.
  5. TL:DR I just read the title and sold everything.
  6. But but but @JoelKatz got banned from PayPal...
  7. Did it help? I can't get anything to work.
  8. Is there a way to increase the transaction fee in the minimalist-ripple-client?
  9. @JoelKatz @nikb Are you guys aware of this? I can't send any XRP either
  10. Don't tell her! My wife is panicking about the price and I bought in at half a cent. Live lean for 6 months.
  11. Maybe a poll about should there be a poll about a poll about chat box polls?
  12. There has been some talk in the moderators lounge about the zerpbox. There is a lot of noise and It actually consumes a lot of bandwidth and is costing xrpchat a lot of money. One idea was to charge zerpbox users a low monthly subscription fee.
  13. The total market cap for all crypto is rising at something like a billion dollars a day.
  14. There's probably an equal chance of either a correction or a surge up. Correction would go down 5c maybe. A surge up could reach $1