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  1. I got trapped in XRP. Bought a heap at $0.008 Weeks later interledger was announced and price dropped to $0.004 So I bought more.
  2. Why do my posts keep getting deleted?

    Looks like it got hidden because it was a cut and paste of the full article without a link to the original article. Best to post a paragraph or two and link to the article.
  3. Patience pays off

    A bunch of us xrpchat members spamed the polo trollbox
  4. Patience pays off

    Buy, hold, get on with your life and wake up to a pleasant surprise one day.
  5. The cat is still in the bag and it's both dead and alive.
  6. It already happened and AI keeps us here in this simulation.
  7. Reading this thread made my eyes hurt.
  8. Where do you store your XRP ?

    Waaaaay up in there
  9. Where do you store your XRP ?

    I store my XRP on the Ripple Consensus Ledger.
  10. Ask the old timers around here about convincing friends to invest. Sometimes the price goes low and stays low for a long time and your friends will hate you. Best to just tell them about it, but don't try to convince them.
  11. Higher Transaction Costs

    Only the Ripple ledger.
  12. Higher Transaction Costs

    How do you set a maximum fee? I'd be ****** if I burned all my zerp during a busy period. :/
  13. Ripple gonna give us all t-shirts and coffee mugs on the 12th and XRP will shoot past $1
  14. Might send it to @JoelKatz coz he gave me a free t-shirt. He can run around the background photo bombing all the pictures.