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  1. I think depression is not the emotion I'm feeling. It's more like extreme impatience.
  2. It's just a minor market correction. We're still in an up trend.
  3. Morty

    Does Claire still work for Ripple?

    This forum isn't cool enough.
  4. This forum seemed less childish when Ripple employees visited more often. It's amazing how quickly you guys can set things straight.
  5. Morty

    Ripple Drop Episode One

    I like the video, but the skateboard reminds me of this.
  6. Morty


    ISIS was primarily responsible for making me invest in crypto. I didn't know what crypto was until I heard on the news that isis was being funded by bitcoin.
  7. Link not working? Edit: works sometimes https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-07-01/thailand-leads-in-crypto-by-skipping-the-big-debate Edit 2: I'm in Thailand right now
  8. I miss the good old days when you could team up in the polo trollbox and pump a coin 300% with rumours alone. 😔
  9. Morty

    XRP symbol in the wild. Any others?

    I think the new logo looks like a pair of hyperbolic slots.
  10. Morty

    It's goodbye, kind of

    If history repeats... There should be a moon shot in a few weeks. It always happens when the most hardcore quit.
  11. The people who write law are really freaking confused right now. They thought all this crypto hub-bub would go away. They want to protect people from obvious ICO scams. They are concerned about one start up company controlling a good size chunk of the worlds wealth. They don't understand crypto very well and they know it. When in doubt, procrastinate.
  12. I'm a middle age Australian male and I often watch Ellen. I think this is a lot of bang for 4 million bucks.
  13. CB needs to list XRP for their own sake. But when they do, they will do it in a ****** way. Like list it along with 20 other shitcoins to water down any positive effects.