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  1. Don't throw in the towel. Just reduce your position to a more comfortable level. I'm sure most of us here are betting just a little more than we can afford to lose. Doing this will make you crazy.
  2. But this topic explains why it's not a scam. Why would you delete it?
  3. When I sent XRP to BitStamp, it got there almost instantly.
  4. Mr Musk is building us a super internet in outer space and we are all moving to Mars to live in tunnels after we become cyborgs. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  5. It wouldn't hurt if everyone here (lurkers included) shot an email off to coinbase and requested XRP
  6. The BitStamp app just updated. XRP/euro and dollar work, but bitcoin force closes the app. I sent a report
  7. Glad they finally put it on the app. Gentle and persistent nagging really does work. 😁
  8. Technically a dead gorilla was most popular. But Harambe was ineligible to run as president because he's dead.... And a gorilla. 😉
  9. Trump is a symptom of a problem. The problem is America let itself get into a state where there was only two awful people to choose from. Gotta work on getting better candidates.
  10. Could Ripple build a bot and provide liquidity with their 60 billion? They could build it in a way that we could game it a little and earn zerp. People would rush into these markets making money and providing even more liquidity.
  11. Given the lack of liquidity on BitStamp, I'd say the MM incentive didn't work. Is there a plan B?
  12. Should hire Sir Dick to create an XRP buzz. Give him a billion and say "here, go pump it!"
  13. This is great news. I can sell marked up zerps on ebay! ☺