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  1. New newbies entering the market?
  2. Looking at today's pump to a penny. I think we need to put @miguel in front of the camera more often.
  3. If they promote the crap out of XRP right now we can catch the alt coin wave. Need to get XRP well above 1c and then it should keep going.
  4. landing page should have BUY AND HODL XRP! written in big letters on it.
  5. OK. So Ripple is waiting for the crypto geeks to get this ponzi scheme started and the crypto geeks are assuming Ripple is going to get it started with big institutional money. But neither geeks or Ripple are starting anything because of lack of communication. They are each waiting for the other to start the ponzi. Did I get that right?
  6. XRP being left out of the media releases that Ripples customers would most likely read bothers me. Ripple seeing itself as only a hodler of XRP also bothers me. It's a bit more than a hodler. I mean, they named their company after this coin! People bought XRP because it was the foundation of Ripple Labs. The plan was to have banks use it. Now it doesn't even get a mention in most press releases. Looks like XRP is slightly off centre from being core and Ripple is trying to sell it it crypto geeks coz banks don't want it.
  7. @nikb says XRP is at the core of Ripples business. But then he says "XRP is a digital asset that is independent from Ripple the company". So RCL is "at the centre of everything we do" But "Ripple the company is [only] a holder of XRP" The tokens name is "Ripple" divisible into "drops". Don't mistake Ripple for Ripple because even though Ripple is at the heart of Ripple, Ripple has nothing to do with Ripple. Got it?
  8. Shitcoins to the moon. XRP nada. We now lend so you can short it to the ground.
  9. - Ripples lack of transparency. - The "Ripple owes us nothing" attitude. The new money is coming from people who want to get rich. They're not putting their money into XRP because Ripple is not focused on making XRP holders rich. They're trying to make the banks rich. Not us.
  10. @Tim Please back your chair up a few feet and ask that guy behind you to be more transparent. I need to buy a new pair of shoes.
  11. But not a single drop to zerp 😔
  12. It sucks that they always find these bugs on the weekend, eh? Good work Ripple team.
  13. Would price double if they destroyed half their stash? 🤔
  14. If I create a company and sell 10% for $10 billion it's worth $100 billion, even though 90% has never been traded.