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  1. For some reason you can't trade XRP from the mobile app. Is this something yet to be added? Or is there some reason why they left it out?
  2. I speculate it's a bit of kiss-ass. Saying "please add us to your wallet"
  3. There's been scientific studies showing why volunteers often work harder than paid employees. Ask for help and people help. Offer a low wage and people say not worth my time.
  4. Hey @Nicolas Will the direct deposit to Ripple wallet feature be ready soon?
  5. This is good. But I prefer to use my biological ignore feature. It kind of dulls the trolls rather than makes them completely vanish. That way if a troll does actually happen to say something useful, the biological ignore feature allows the message through.
  6. So when zerp gets to $17 he'll be a billionaire and can buy a car with silly doors. ☺
  7. It's still on display at my workplace.
  8. @nikb showed some interest. But I think there are problems with getting heavy stone sculptures into the upper floors of high rise buildings. 🗿
  9. Yeah it's basalt.
  10. Welcome to the forum @miguel
  11. So does the 6 superstitions article answer all the concerns raised on this thread? Was anything missed?
  12. So amazon coin will be ILP enabled? Or linked to XRP in some way?
  13. Your math appears to be correct.
  14. According to this app, XRP will be $100 soon.