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  1. @miguel seems to be saying BUY AND HODL XRP!
  2. An ICO on RCL? Why not! Announcing PRX.

    Just updated my trust line. ?
  3. An ICO on RCL? Why not! Announcing PRX.

    4000 now. This might turn into something. Might not too. It's a good proof of the concept that people will throw money at pretty much anything. We might see a lot more of these things on RCL. ☺
  4. An ICO on RCL? Why not! Announcing PRX.

    I hope this experiment is successful. It'd be great to see many more ICOs on RCL.
  5. Ha ha look what I got!

    I got lucky ?
  6. Ha ha look what I got!

    I complained on Twitter that I didn't have a shirt. So he sent me all this ?
  7. Ha ha look what I got!

    Thanks @JoelKatz ?
  8. If you take 10's of thousands of $ outer BitStamp they start asking questions. Like. Where did you get all that zerp? Prove it! Prove it better! Provide us with documentation. Ok, but we still got our eye on you!
  9. He's right that banks are unlikely to go USD>XRP>GBP. USD>GBP is already efficient. Ripple is after exotic markets... INR>XRP>KRW MXN>XRP>THB CNY>XRP>NZD
  10. Changing of the guard (Ripple's new HQ)

    I need a Ripple poof to rest my feet on.
  11. Ripple is DOOMED!! - To Success!

    TL:DR I just read the title and sold everything.
  12. About time to scale RCL

    Did it help? I can't get anything to work.