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  1. James Webb space telescope will be up and running before SBI gets going.
  2. Stable coins will be worth nothing when the USD hyperinflates.
  3. I've used FlashFX quite a few times for sending funds to bitstamp. It's pretty impressive watching your money move in real time.
  4. Didn't Dr Trump go missing for a while late last year? Maybe the Dr burned out and passed the account on to Tiff. Just a wild speculation.
  5. Ahh, apparently he's gathering evidence that we're paid shills. I haven't been paid yet. When do I get paid? https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1064409314985693184?s=09
  6. I'm sure this was done deliberately just to annoy Ripple.
  7. Now that more trolls are aware that anyone can release an escrow, next months comment may be much worse. ?
  8. No, I think I'm reading it the right way. Here's a quote from the ATO I found on a forum. Source linked below. "Let’s start with the principle that Bit-coin is considered to be a CGT asset; any gain from disposal of bitcoin will be subject to capital gains legislation. However, gains from disposal of personal use assets are disregarded. Personal use assets are CGT assets, other than collectables, used or kept mainly for the personal use or enjoyment of you or your associates. Any personal use asset you acquired for less than $10,000 is disregarded for CGT purposes." https://community.ato.gov.au/t5/General-tax-questions/How-to-declare-Bitcoin/td-p/980 acquired for less than $10,000 not disposed of for less than $10k.
  9. So I just learned that "personal use" items under $10,000 are exempt from the aussie capital gains tax. https://www.ato.gov.au/general/capital-gains-tax/cgt-assets-and-exemptions/#Personal_use_assets I paid less than $10K for my zerp (3 years ago) and I totally needed them for personal use. You know for buying stuff on the interwebs. Looks like a nice little loophole for Aussies.
  10. I think depression is not the emotion I'm feeling. It's more like extreme impatience.
  11. This forum seemed less childish when Ripple employees visited more often. It's amazing how quickly you guys can set things straight.
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