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  1. CB needs to list XRP for their own sake. But when they do, they will do it in a ****** way. Like list it along with 20 other shitcoins to water down any positive effects.
  2. A couple years ago there was pretty much the same discussion about whether the price would remain at $0.006 or would it slip back down to $0.004 I kept saying that anything under a penny is a bargain. Now I'm gonna say anything under a dollar is a bargain.
  3. @JoelKatz Lol. You broke the internet.
  4. Call your doctor if a green candle lasts for more than 4 hours.
  5. Good lord. The ups and downs I've seen in this space. The manic depression when XRPTalk closed down. The euphoric highs when for no reason it went to 6 cents. Crypto can't be healthy for people.
  6. Morty

    Quantum mechanics and heated argument

    Oh man I forgot about threads like these. 2016 had a lot of slow weeks.
  7. Nah. Jed is buying CB with the money he made dumping XRP and adding stellar.
  8. Morty

    Brad Talks to CoinTelegraph

    Either some kind of Freudian slip; he's simply murdering the English language or paid customer means something legit I don't know about.
  9. He might say something that gets misinterpreted, pulled apart and reassembled as ground breaking news.
  10. No no no no. I'm a lazy unpaid moderator of an unofficial XRP forum. I mostly just delete obvious spam and post dancing bananas.
  11. Is getting under your skin is a special skill?
  12. They'll probably buy a bank at some point in the future.
  13. Crypto seems to move faster. Maybe just 6-12 months of bears.