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  1. I live in a community like this ☺ True freedom is living in a home that doesn't have bars on the windows.
  2. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 62,110,081,158 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 37,884,925,434* As of April 16th, 2017
  3. I'm pretty confident a fork will never happen. But it's fun to torture Jed a little bit with these scary ideas. We all know he's reading this. Hi Jed! As far as rules go. Screw the rules. I'd break the laws of physics if I could. But that's me, I understand others have morals and I respect that.
  4. I was about to blame Jed. But that theory works just as well ☺
  5. A little off topic. But I see @Haydentiff deleted her profile. Is she anti zerp now?
  6. Right or wrong the obsession is real and not going away. Little people like me obsessing is one thing. The big guys who are obsessed have the power to create their own bank coin and screw us all over. That's how the corporate world works.
  7. Yes! Banks have already raised their concerns about a global currency being in "the hands of a few".
  8. Can't argue with that. Jed was also wrong and criminal. He forked xrp without giving xrp holders their rightful share of the new coin.
  9. If I take your car for myself it's theft. If I burn your car it's not theft it's arson. ☺
  10. 1.46e+48 So about half the universe. Yeah, that's a lot. ☺
  11. Out of curiosity, how many possible secret keys are there? @JoelKatz Like there's 10^80 atoms in the universe. Is it something close to that number?
  12. I'm concerned about the poorly photoshopped ripple logo. Looks scammy.
  13. Stellar has a bigger distribution problem than Ripple 102,822,735,913 Total lumens (and climbing) 7,163,597,537 lumens not held by foundation