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    thonypert got a reaction from ClosedMyEyes in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    can anyone here get in touch with her? It would be good if susie and @BobWay be able to exchange ideas. susie has a great deal of experience on the banking side. she has this one video discussing about the nostro vostro accounts and it was pretty eye opening imo.

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    thonypert reacted to dr_ed in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    Susie and her new teaching partner Liz have been very busy (in Amsterdam) working on their promised crypto education course that they successfully crowdfunded a few months ago. I am happy to say that it will be available in a few days, and that Susie can go back to just working 18 hour days...and no doubt making the occasional video again and busting FUD in her own inimitable fashion.
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    thonypert reacted to dr_ed in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    Susie is at least aware that Bob is on the scene. I do know that much. She's just been very, very busy the last few weeks.
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    thonypert reacted to Goliath in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    You are out of touch with the majority of the XRP army investors, you can benefit yourself by utilizing further research to gain a better understanding regarding others within this space. There is a reason a youtuber such as the Digital Asset Investor achieves an average of 20k views per video. I for one do not subscribe to any of these groups as matter of investing knowledge or nor accept their theories, although I am not oblivious to the players in the community and its participants, I'm an active equity and commodity trader with well over 25 years experience, I trade for a living. I have taken part in several market cycles, witnessed and participated in several booms/busts actively trading them from both long or short perspectives during the height of market speculations in various evolving markets and asset classes. Unlike those I described previously, I base my investments on proprietary institutional market research available to high net worth portfolios. The individuals whom I describe, much like yourself, sit on the retail side of trades, as with the groups you are subscribed to as well. What moves markets has been well explained in the previous thread by the OP. Just like the gold bugs, crypto communities are plagued with fanatics and novice investors who believe news or news media outlets move price action or influence volume, unfortunately these misconceptions are common place among those with little financial acumen which eventually lead to their demise often resulting with them being the last remaining bag holders. Understanding market sentiment is a vital key to being a successful trader, and understanding the players in a new space aids ones ability to guage further when sentiment begins to change. This bear market will remain a bear market for quite some time longer regardless of the advancements in this space, and only those who are well rooted in their knowledge of this space will be successful to overcome the hurdles over the next 9 to 12 months ahead.
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    thonypert reacted to carpetbelly in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    She has an awful lot of senior banking expertise, and as others have said very pro xrp. And sadly been attacked a little, but i do like her insights myself.
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    thonypert got a reaction from carpetbelly in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    How about susie from esoteric trading solutions? Have not heard from her for quite some time now.
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    thonypert got a reaction from Goliath in Chat: Discusion of media channels and personalities.   
    How about susie from esoteric trading solutions? Have not heard from her for quite some time now.
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    thonypert reacted to XRPHornets in Chat: Possible failure scenarios   
    I believe there has to be use cases for people/companies to hold XRP, rather than just access it temporarily through market makers.
    One reason is that banks may hold it so they can take both fees/spreads in payment processes.
    Dr_ed , I agree with your point that the 2017 volume spikes led to a 3 dollar price which kind of discounts the velocity of money argument...but perhaps this was because speculating involves holding the token for a period of time , even by short term traders.
    Anyway, good to have a contrarian discussion, everytime I’ve tried it before I’ve been shouted down by the Hopium Addicts .
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    thonypert reacted to Banjo in Chat: Possible failure scenarios   
    Hi Bob!
    In the interests of navigating Falsifiability and testing our biases, could you please expand on some potential scenarios in which Ripple's vision for XRP might fail? Or perhaps list some assumptions (on which the success of XRP hinges) that may be incorrect?
    I'm confident in the strength of my investments, and new to the forum, so I'm happy to take the hit in reputation to post this. I think there's always benefit to exploring a contrarian position, especially when it comes from someone with as much knowledge and insight as yourself.
    Thanks again, and sorry if this offends or upsets anyone!
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    thonypert reacted to karlos in Community Standards   
    It should go without saying that we all want a forum that encourages free debate and healthy discussion. However there are lines that must be drawn. XRPchat will not accept:
    zero or low value, pointless or uninteresting posts or threads disrespect, flaming or insulting other members, Ripple employees or others in general excessive swearing doxxing of ANY kind (i.e posting personally identifiable information) attempting to get other users to reveal their secret key pasting entire articles into the forum. Post the link and your summary (or the talking point) instead.  using vulgar or inappropriate usernames. pornographic, NSFW, violent or drug related threads/profiles inciting violence or attempting to attract 'mob mentality' against others referral/affiliate links (including in signatures) link shorteners. Use the full and transparent link needlessly bumping topics begging for XRP/cash/bitcoin/whatever  deliberate trolling. Mods will determine what constitutes trolling on a per case basis sending unsolicited PMs, such as mass requests for help or advertising impersonating someone else or claiming false endorsements  Lets keep things positive and on topic, even if its criticism.

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