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  1. Hello, 19:00 - 23:00 CEST Week days 12:00 - 23:00 CEST Week end
  2. Hi ! The simple fact that people are so involved in the organization shows the great enthusiasm of each of us. Personally, I think that the session calendar can give a good indication of when people are most free to participate. People could vote " I want to participate in this session" and indicate the level at which they want to participate (round table, live audience, etc.). This will give a first general idea. ps : Sorry for my english, i try to do the best.
  3. Hello Mr Bob and all the study group, I'm Greg from " Le labo a crypto 3.0 " youtube channel. You can also find me on twitter : @0Llac3 I'm from France, Paris time zone GMT +2 I want learn as much as possible of all XRP enthousiast to share the knowledge with French people.
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