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  1. funny thing you mention. How do you feel on a keto? Anything special you can mention on routines? I am a cardiovascular postdoctoral research and i have been on an super high fat diet (low carb diet) for the last 3 years. I do however avoid being in ketosis, which i am normally just about two to three weeks over year; mostly when i need to do some week of cleansing. I acutally did a study on my body myself 4 years ago, where i literally rotated from evbery possible diet (from high carbs low fat, to low carbs high fat) from Ornish and Zone (both vegetarian), to the typical body builder diet (high protein, high carbs to low fat) and to Aktins, Paleo and completed a Ketogenic for full 3 months. Found my balance was actually high fat, low carb, but not zero carb. But also it matters substantial which type of fats what we need to put it. And i can tell you for a fact, the majority of scientific community is more lost on nutrition than common/laymen people. That is sad. i am actually going to start soon a ketogenic project on some of my wortk. There is quite some large potentials to be gain. Happy to get some any input. Vasco
  2. I use toast wallet for daily things but have the ledger cold storage for the long term. But also have pretty low amounts on my toast that i just use to give away to friends (so normally no more thna 400/500 xrp) there.
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