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  1. Thanks for the input. I agree that XRP’s initial distribution is distinctively the worst part. Also not just talking about ripple’s share but also the initial founders share. the validator part is yes the weakest link against growth. I honestly feel there was initially optimism for a personalized responsibility to maintain the network. But I agree with you when you mention to turn onto centralization. It is just a buzz word in crypto and investors really care less to it as long as they profit from it. maybe a centralized network is all that needs.
  2. Re-branding the use case, maybe apart from cross-border payments. I haven’t been here likely as long as you; I only know XRP as the cross border crypto. What others came before?
  3. Before I advance wanted upfront state that 80% of my crypto holdings are XRP. Whatever critics i state are my own, for which several I will also fail into that category as well. I believe in the tech and it’s potential, but it feels some rebranding of its use-case may be necessary. For some years now XRP has been defined/championed as the new cross-border crypto that would power banks, SMEs and many other emerging corridors. There has been some lagging to its adoption (whether debatable or not, ODL values “speak” for itself) or potentially it may never reach the adoption we all dre
  4. That is an alternative and adds up. What i I like the most is the non-jurisdictional IOU implications and being simultaneous a liquidity provider. A uniswap model is highly recommended and would attract market makers. Together with the XRP DEX.. what a tag team. there is a lot to digest from your text, understand some of it, but others (like the stock-to-flow model) need to research more. But the way I see it there is a huge hurdle to such bXRP even to start or ever to exist in the XRP ledger. As far as it goes for vether the main coder is anonymous.. almos
  5. The idea is interesting I assume it could work as well in the XRP ecosystem but with all properties of XRP. Reading vether website and discord # daily emissions of vether are “fixed”/limited due to ether gas fees. Reason people decide to do a single burn apparently (gas fees in ether are averaging 5-10$ lately). This would not be a limitation for XRP per se but would create difficulties that one XRP account could do several burns consecutively without “gas”/drops cost attached to it and lack on incurring proportional decline. You know where I am going here?How would you solve for t
  6. funny thing you mention. How do you feel on a keto? Anything special you can mention on routines? I am a cardiovascular postdoctoral research and i have been on an super high fat diet (low carb diet) for the last 3 years. I do however avoid being in ketosis, which i am normally just about two to three weeks over year; mostly when i need to do some week of cleansing. I acutally did a study on my body myself 4 years ago, where i literally rotated from evbery possible diet (from high carbs low fat, to low carbs high fat) from Ornish and Zone (both vegetarian), to the typical body builder die
  7. I use toast wallet for daily things but have the ledger cold storage for the long term. But also have pretty low amounts on my toast that i just use to give away to friends (so normally no more thna 400/500 xrp) there.
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