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  1. Hi again, folks! Thanks for all your intelligent discussion on this, it's very much appreciated. I'm so used to r/ripple where people scream "FUD!" at the slightest provocation... @BobWay, I'd love to hear you weigh in with your thoughts. I think you're the most qualified to raise further contrary viewpoints and address those already voiced, the intention of this thread was to give you a platform to do so! Please do remember to be kind to each other, folks, we're all on this journey together. Pursuing objectivity through education is an awesome thing!
  2. Hi Bob! In the interests of navigating Falsifiability and testing our biases, could you please expand on some potential scenarios in which Ripple's vision for XRP might fail? Or perhaps list some assumptions (on which the success of XRP hinges) that may be incorrect? I'm confident in the strength of my investments, and new to the forum, so I'm happy to take the hit in reputation to post this. I think there's always benefit to exploring a contrarian position, especially when it comes from someone with as much knowledge and insight as yourself. Thanks again, and sorry if this offe
  3. Hiya Bob! I'm Joe, a longish time holder and silent witness to the chaos of the r/ripple boards, labouring under the illusion that they were an accurate representation of the XRP community. It was really lovely then to discover the healthy alternative in XRPchat; your original "Hi, I'm Bob" thread led me here, and was as good an introduction as any. You'll see this is my first post. If I find something constructive and helpful to say or ask, it won't be my last! Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) that I'm exceedingly grateful for your contribution, not just for the incred
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