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  1. Yes but if they must hold xrp to make markets (I’m still unsure on this), then it’s better if they can accumulate at lower prices now. And Ripple could help make that happen. And the more they have at higher prices the greater volume of transactions they can handle.
  2. This last post explains why market makers will eventually want XRP at much higher prices than we see today (if indeed they aim to provide liquidity for large transactions).
  3. Nobody knows if a channel will hold or not. They look pretty though.
  4. Good humor here. If predicting cash flow was that simple we would be rich trading forex markets. Hint: what you think will move the dollar, yen, euro, or whatever cyrpto up or down due to fed, bank or other action is a 50/50 guess most of the time at best. Try it and see for yourself.
  5. Right, if some entities will start MM xrp at a larger scale, one would expect huge transfers of xrp from ripple directly or accumulation otc or both. Either way, some group of MM has to hold large volumes of xrp (or less at much higher prices). ripple isn’t going to make markets so it has to be in the works unless MG will hold xrp. I’m talking names like Citadel, Hudson River, DRW, Timber Hill etc edit: actually spot forex market makers are much more appropriate
  6. I don’t understand where the liquidity will come from for MG transactions. I feel like I must be missing something that’s is already in the works. Someone out there has to make a larger market here. Who are the market makers for xrp? And I don’t mean retail trader liquidity, I’m talking who is going to make the market for large transactions? Some market makers with deep pockets will have to load up on xrp and then handle some transactions back office and others through the ledger. I suppose some are already doing this but nearly to scale.
  7. I don’t really see much incentive for large banks to use any ripple products right now. A much better argument can be made for smaller banks
  8. My point here is that for those of you that have losses, some very significant, don’t sit idle if the company does not make you whole. Crypto needs this type of responsibility before it can more forward.
  9. I feel horribly for all that have lost their xrp. The US legal system can offer you remedial relief to make you whole again. You should collaborate and pursue legal action if you are not immediately reimbursed for your losses. This entire situation smells of corporate negligence.
  10. This is the main reason for insured custodial accounts. Nothing is truly safe. Insured accounts are worth the expense.
  11. Seems that the account fee should be less for gaming applications, known areas of expansion for ripple, unless those don’t involve user wallets?
  12. Curious if the price prediction model (in your draft paper) has been applied to market makers for forex majors. It has many parallels and I’m curious if it holds true to Fx. If that’s the case, one might expect the common Fx makers (beyond brokers) to take some serious attention (regulations permitting) as the numbers are lofty, unless I misunderstood the snippet. I could easily see a few makers setting up shops in less regulated jurisdictions to form early movers. Makes me intrigued.
  13. I appreciate the original posters work, but I still wonder why at a basic level the selling pattern is an issue here. It looks like it’s a designed sell pattern, maybe it’s changed over time, but why is it an issue? I put myself in the company’s shoes, I might sell at the same times, depending on business needs. Of course the sales affect price but why is the timing and amount problematic. Seems like the timing and amounts could be much much worse if they didn’t give it consideration.
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