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  1. Thanks! So if I just leave everything as-is for now, with my already submitted Ledger Nano ETH app address to the pre-Spark drop... should I at least be good to go for the Dec 12 airdrop? And of course, later on after the snapshot date, I would just make whatever changes necessary to accommodate the forthcoming Towo Spark wallet. Or, do I have to resolve my "ETH type address" issue now, before the snapshot?
  2. Yikes! Since I have already used the Ledger's ETH address when I set myself up for the Spark drop, am I now screwed? Do I have to undo this somehow? Should I have done something else, instead of using the Ledger's ETH address? (I just checked Bithomp Exchange, and I DO see my Flare stuff set up there right now, so maybe I'm ok?)
  3. Hi BillyOckham, Your posted replies have been very helpful for me so far - thanks! Quick question... The step that requires an "Ethereum type address"... I'm using my Ledger Nano, so can I simply install the "ETH" app from Ledger Live and install that onto my Nano? Would this "ETH" app qualify as an "ETH type address" for this Spark airdrop? Also, will the Spark tokens get deposited into this "ETH" wallet on my Ledger once they are released?
  4. Ah yes, could very well be this! Thanks for the link
  5. A little green is always nice to see. Anyone know what it might be attributed to? However, I'm not getting too excited, as I just noticed that XLM is up 12% today.
  6. Great to know - thanks! Where did you find this info?
  7. Thanks for all of your work, Molton. Your posts are the ones I am most eager to read here!
  8. Ah, ok... darn, so I guess their numbers were once again abysmal. Hence, the crappy stock performance. I sure hope ODL will one day turn this company around. However, I think we're in for a looooooooong wait.
  9. Well, Moneygram stock is taking a major tumble for some reason. I guess their Q4 numbers were in the toilet, like Q3. Does anyone know where one could access their Q4 report?
  10. Hi Molten... please continue to do what you do. I check this thread a zillion times each day, looking specifically for your charts and comments. Your work is appreciated!!!!!
  11. Thanks, I'm all set now! Seems that the "XRP" app on Ledger Live automatically replaces the old "Ripple" app there, and the device responds accordingly.
  12. Ah, I think you are right... thank you for the clarification!!!
  13. Hi all, I just updated to the latest Ledger firmware. But in order to do this, I had to first delete the "Ripple" app from my device. So then after I successfully downloaded and installed the latest firmware version, I logged into the Ledger Live software and clicked on MANAGER, and then looked for the "Ripple" app to reinstall onto my device. But it seems now that Ledger Live has since removed this "Ripple" app, and replaced it with an "XRP" app. So I just installed the "XRP" app onto my device. My question: How do I now move my zerps from the now-defunct "Ri
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