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  1. Dude, okay I’ll play. Are you cryptically referencing the expiration of BTC options?
  2. Is this just people cashing in order to get in on the Coinbase IPO?
  3. So where is the bottom for XRP between now an the 22nd? Is it in the .42 to .45 range?
  4. I assume pump and dump illegality pertains to securities, not currencies.
  5. Pump XRP as a big FU to the SEC for allowing hedge fund shenanigans on GME and also for wrecking the small retail XRP buyer with their lawsuit.
  6. Okay so exchanges are blocking buys of GameStop, AMC, etc allowing only sells to stop the momentum. Bastards. Some of the crowd is jumping into Doge. Damn I wish they’d pump XRP.
  7. Toys, baseball cards, etc can be collectible and some will buy them with an eye toward holding them and selling them later as they increase in value in the marketplace due to popularity and scarcity.
  8. I’m still holding. The money I put into DCA over the past 3 years is money I could afford to lose and that hasn’t changed. I never really looked at XRP as an investment but rather a fun gamble. I don’t see this set of events as the beginning of the end but if it is, I already lost that money. Seems many here actually invested and have more in XRP than was ever advisable, hence the emotion...and I get that. in the meantime, I’m staying chill while this all plays out.
  9. Where were there enforced lockdowns? Are you referring to restrictions on bars and restaurants? Please define these lockdowns.
  10. Just chatted with Juan. No help. Told to just wait for an email on my months old request to upgrade my tier. Don’t announce this unless you have the infrastructure to back it up.
  11. Seems to me there are some that expected moon in 6 months to 3 years (6 months to 3 years ago) and was that ever really realistic? Now they are rattled and emotional, obviously didn’t DYOR or don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose...or both. Frankly it’s freaking annoying to read their weak little bitching and conspiracy theory drivel. You are embarrassing yourself.
  12. Why are so many people losing their composure? I can’t relate.
  13. I see it like here’s 50 million now you have no excuse to not use our network and XRP. Would like to see about 20 more of these “investments”. Bravo Brad and Ripple.
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