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  1. I am typically the "hang out in the shadows" type of person. I usually speak up only when I have something to say. I felt that it was time to say "Hey everybody". Good to be here with such fine folks! A bit about me: I am quite new to XRP Chat, as you probably can tell by now, but I have been a HODLer for a couple of years now. When I first heard of "Bitcoin", I heard that it was only used by criminals. So, I could have been a lot earlier to the HODLer game if I had known otherwise at the time. I started out by watching a BTC video on youtube and not having a clue what I was doing, so I tried testing the waters with a gigantic $50 BTC purchase. I started watching more videos, soaking in some things, and being overwhelmed by other things. Once I had a clearer idea of what was ongoing, I noticed XRP and started learning. I was sold on XRP fairly quickly. So, I am part of the community, still hanging in the shadows, and I haven't stopped stocking up on XRP. Gimp
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