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  1. Are you thinking that @BobWay may be using his “book research” as a veiled reason for some other stronger motivations? 🤔 Maybe he’s searching for talent to help with his moonshot?! (After all Ripple discovered him on here)...If so, I’m in Bob...whatever you need, that’s not technical expertise 😉
  2. Yes, @BobWay...a better understanding of the direction you’d like to go with your book (best seller, academia, etc.) would make it easier for us to help you. I’ve made a few suggestions, that could be useless if I’m assuming a different audience than you’d like to target.
  3. “If Hindsight is 20/20...I need glasses” -Mistakes made and interesting lessons learned.
  4. I don’t think Bob feel comfortable speculating this way...besides its probably best that each individual defines their own comfort levels, like time frame on their ROI or desire to discuss it. But if it helps, from a tax/accounting perspective : “long term” > over 1 year
  5. Thanks buddy, I actually came across ETH first by myself (made a college football bet w/ my dad & discovered crypto while hedging that bet), luckily I got myself (and a few others) in early.
  6. Sooo...XRP to the moon...then Mars...then...😂
  7. @BobWay Thanks for the reply I suppose I am a speculator at the moment, but was actually dreaming of what I could earn (even at $0.31) if there was enough volume for me to quickly sell & buy back at a .0001 spread. Then I thought what that would be if XRP was $31.00 and needed a cold shower But aside from speculator, I wanna help build something that has a use, I don’t wanna just be that guy that just got lucky.
  8. “Bob’s guide to the XRP galaxy” -maybe a working title How to explain XRP to your grandfather (since 5 year olds seem to “get it” more easily) -maybe the introduction
  9. @BobWay when institutions use XRP as a bridge currency, will those transactions also flow through the current exchanges (i.e. coinbase) that appear to only be retail speculation at the moment, or will they be processed elsewhere?
  10. Hi Bob, I’m Mike from Philly. I’m mostly all-in (until I can afford to quit work & put 100% of my time toward a project(s)...then I’m all in) & agree to your terms, but agree to also just be fair in general. I’m currently looking for a way to put my smarts & business savvy to work while lacking on the technical side...and during this journey, it’s now a goal of mine to at least be a (positive) footnote in your book
  11. @BobWay sooooo glad you came “out”...in my opinion, before you any info I had to wade through was either FUD, Hype or uninformed. Thank you! so I’m a tech savvy speculator who has absolutely zero code writing or computer programming knowledge (well maybe 1%...enough to understand what you talk about). What I know is business & sales. That being said, where do I start if I want to start a viable block chain enterprise? In other words, I’m not looking to go 0-60 in 3.35 seconds, I’m looking to go 0-Boom in how however long it takes. Sooo...I guess what I’m askin
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