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  1. Thief accessed our accounts using RippleTradeClient software. Ripple decommissioned that software later date. We lost close to 1.5 million XRP's. we contacted GateHub through email only. Since they registered in UK. We couldn't find any attorney in US to deal with them.
  2. Few years back whoever had 100,000 XRP in the GATEHUB got stolen in every other day within a month. I am one of the Victim. I knew 5 other victims. We spent $12000 dollars and hired an attorney and sent demand letters to RIPPLE. Since Ripple was the one asked us to move our XRP from Ripple to GateHub. But it was unsuccessful. Only option left was to go for an Arbitration or Suing them in the Court. We didn't pursue because of Cost vs Recovery. Dealing with GateHub is not easy from US. Since they are registered in UK. Operates from Slovenia.
  3. Few years back my account was hacked and stolen 140,000 XRPs from GateHub. Not able to recover. We sent legal notices to Ripple and not able to recover. If you guys starting any class action lawsuit against GateHub or Ripple please let me know. My other three friends lost 1.2 million XRP's with GATEHUB as well.
  4. Hi, How do I see my LOGIN history (TimeStamp) information in the Gatehub.net? Thanks
  5. I am trying to recover my forgot password link in the www.gatehub.net. Message says I will receive an email to change my password but I am not receiving it. Does anyone encountering this issue?
  6. After the FinCEN agreement with RIPPLE LABS. Ripple kicked all the US XRP holders. At that time I didn't have any quality wallet providers. that is what I meant.
  7. I knew the FinCEN agreement with Ripple Labs. That is the reason they forced all the RIPPLE consumers out of their wallet to GATEHUB.NET. GATEHUB.NET is run from thridworld country. If you are having doubt that Ripple Labs is orientation towards consumers. Then why Ripple Labs selling XRPs to consumers if they can't protect the consumers? Can you please answer? If thief/hacker stole my credit card and used it then I will complain to the CREDIT CARD Bank and explain my situation and the CREDIT CARD company do investigation and "ROLL BACK" the transactions and protect the CONSUMERS. That is what I am looking from RIPPLE LABS.
  8. Everybody asking me to report to Police. Did anybody in this forum lost XRP to hacker and reported to Police and got back the XRPs? Please let me know. I didn't see any one got back the stolen XRPs. So don't say go to police and law enforcements. I am complaining to David since he is the Ripple employee and has power to do something to protect the consumers and Ripple ecosystem.
  9. Why David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) suddenly plan to work on "HIGH QUALITY WALLET"? Because lot of people are losing their hard earned moeny every minute in the RIPPLE ecosystem because we don't have any SAFE mechanism? I am a victim here how do I get my 120,000 XRPs stolen? Can David answer my quesiton?
  10. Just for your information. No one in this forum helped me to determine the funds were transferred to BITTREX. I found out and contact BITTREX. Anyway BITTREX told me stolen XRPs are converted to BTC and moved to other exchanges. I am posting my pain to this forum to bring awarness to other XRP customers and the issues/flows. I am planning to complain to Federal Trade Commision on this issue and how US consumers are victimized everyday to regulate and protect US consumers.
  11. I lost my money in September 2016. My account compromised in GATEHUB.NET. i didn' t have account in XRPCHAT at that time. I am new member here.
  12. Contact BITTREX immediately. Support@BITTREX.com
  13. My case: I lost 120,000 XRP from GATEHUB to BITTREX. Not able to recover yet. Thief converted RIPPLE into BTC and moved the money out of BITTREX. That is what BITTREX said today.
  14. It is not POLO wallet. it is BITTREX.
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