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  1. You are out of touch with the majority of the XRP army investors, you can benefit yourself by utilizing further research to gain a better understanding regarding others within this space. There is a reason a youtuber such as the Digital Asset Investor achieves an average of 20k views per video. I for one do not subscribe to any of these groups as matter of investing knowledge or nor accept their theories, although I am not oblivious to the players in the community and its participants, I'm an active equity and commodity trader with well over 25 years experience, I trade for a living. I have taken part in several market cycles, witnessed and participated in several booms/busts actively trading them from both long or short perspectives during the height of market speculations in various evolving markets and asset classes. Unlike those I described previously, I base my investments on proprietary institutional market research available to high net worth portfolios. The individuals whom I describe, much like yourself, sit on the retail side of trades, as with the groups you are subscribed to as well. What moves markets has been well explained in the previous thread by the OP. Just like the gold bugs, crypto communities are plagued with fanatics and novice investors who believe news or news media outlets move price action or influence volume, unfortunately these misconceptions are common place among those with little financial acumen which eventually lead to their demise often resulting with them being the last remaining bag holders. Understanding market sentiment is a vital key to being a successful trader, and understanding the players in a new space aids ones ability to guage further when sentiment begins to change. This bear market will remain a bear market for quite some time longer regardless of the advancements in this space, and only those who are well rooted in their knowledge of this space will be successful to overcome the hurdles over the next 9 to 12 months ahead.
  2. Yes that's true, however you may not the vast majority of people in this space particularly in the XRP army get their information from youtube and social media chewed for them as you call it. The vast majority dont understand the technology, have little knowledge to no experience in the markets, cannot gauge market sentiment, cycles, or investing, they are investing based on what they heard and hoping to bet on the right horse. They observed BTC rise from hundreds to thousands with no partnerships and now are hoping to pick the next winner, one said XRP is akin to owning a winning lottery ticket in which you watch your winnings rise in slow motion. It is important to understand the community behind each asset class.
  3. Susie is very pro XRP and provided a realistic overview, unfortunately she was personally attacked in her comments for not pushing the popular views on price predictions if memory serves me correctly and she opted to remove herself from public scrutiny. However she does still on occasion still post sporadically and remains bullish XRP. Kungfu Nerd had developed a following however a spat with Alex over broadcasting times became his demise. DM Logic also extremely pro XRP was also quite popular at one time as well, he too was personally criticized which led to less activity. Love for Crypto is also pro XRP although his video format is difficult to get accustomed to. The Modern Investor as well is pro XRP and provides adequate news covering mostly from the most popular online publications. XRP Zoo is a live show with youtube influencers from other channels as guests where they discuss their opinions on XRP, they are pro XRP Smaller bullish XRP channels who mostly discuss topics seen on other channels; DustyBC is pro XRP CryptOak is pro XRP The Crypto Ginger is pro XRP Cryptzilla is pro XRP XRP News pro XRP Rob Art pro XRP Rob Cash pro XRP websites https://www.stedas.hr/index-en.html https://fudbingo.com/
  4. Hey Bob, Ive been following Alex for a couple years now, witnessed his growth as an influencer, he's a true testament to the evolution of the XRP community. Many hate on him for various reasons however imo compared with the majority of the youtube channels his is one of the least fluff available. Unfortunately there are too many others which mislead and take advantage of the naive nature of those in this space providing utter nonsense as fact to gain a following. CKJ, SamIam, Brad Kimes, The Working Money Channel, are a few of the shameful culprits spewing misinformation to gain notoriety. Whats unfortunate is their content tarnishes the image of those in the XRP community and they do more harm than good. A review of their channel content clearly indicates the misleading nature of these players. Alex is definitely not indicative of his generation, his pursuit in this field and his maturity is quite admirable. He has been forthcoming whenever he may have illustrated something which was not as initially understood and he has been genuine in his attempts to convey concise information into the marketplace to those who are willing to skip the get rich quick fluff being sold elsewhere as gospel. Indeed there are also a few other respectful channels in this community, to name a few; OZ Crypto, Jungle Inc, Crypto Eri, Thinking Crypto, Cryptocurrency News. Wishing you all well!
  5. Hello Bob and fellow XRP enthusiasts, my Name is Steve I have read your terms and conditions and I too agree, however Im more of a fly on the wall observing the developments in this fascinating space and taking part in the future by being solely invested in XRP and BTC. I have no desire to overthrow banks or governments nor do I care to benefit from the suffering of others for my personal gains. I disapprove of those who are not open-minded who choose to be emotional and to pick a side over another remaining steadfast albeit missing the real opportunity to continually grow by allowing their views to be challenged much like science, I see this tech as the ability to advance humanity towards becoming better in many ways, thank you for taking the time to reach out to the community and shedding some much needed light on a plethora of topics which have been misconstrued by amateurs primarily on youtube as exhibited with the nonsense of price predictions, buy walls, over night 50 dollar valuations, jester bears and fraudulent timelines misleading the naive as being an insider, riddling riddlers with fantasy videos, the list goes on... wishing you a continued healthy journey, sending you positive energy and warm vibes. After over 2 decades in investments having been through countless cycles and introductions to new innovations, I can truly say this particular introduction brings back the excitement of being in the game once again! Best wishes to all those on this new adventure, hopefully it takes us all to places we can only see in our imagination! SJ
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