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  1. I think the the argument here is what could justify or backed the set value ... My homble opinion is that the fact of running the banking network itself is going to be the tied value to justify those set prices !!!
  2. Hi guys got a theory on how the price of xrp could get higher once the banks start to use xrp globally. I think the price will go up trought the consensus of the net work . If banks set a base point price that they can exchange xrp at, it got to be high enough, because if it's to low, in my understanding it would cost them more to process the same amount of transactions and they would have to keep to much xrp in liquidity to process all the transactions of any given day Without putting alot of stress on the node network !!! (Low price = running the network to it's high end theoretical capabability = higher cost in equipement to run the network ... banks want to spend the least possible to make more profits) The second thing i think is going to happen in the consensus is that they are going to run it a little bit like forex trading Everydody on the consensus is going to be able to set a ask price and manipulate their liquidity so the set price is going to fluctuate accordingly to offer and demand between banks or node operator*** I'll repeat this again guy's got no proof of this ... all that i've said is hypothetical !!! Let me know what you think of it THANKS
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