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  1. So if ripple reported its sales were based on inflated volumes, that must mean jeds been selling too much as well since ripple calculated how much he can sell?
  2. The report says they acknowledge the sales of xrp were based on a percent of volumns that were inflated and that may have been more than they were intending to sell and keep xrp price healthy. IMO that may have killed the most recent pump from reaching the same highs compared to other coins, but lets not forget that money is being re-invested in the xrp ecosystem at what seems like a pivotal time and as long as they get a handle on it moving forward I think we should start to see some upward price movement. Lets hope soon. Next pump ath.
  3. coin geckos been having spikes in xrp volume recently, unusual and doesnt seem to appear on other websites. I'm wondering wtf as well.
  4. there has been a sell wall for xrp since the pump began always around 3 million xrp (on bitstamp), and a cent higher than the current price. Ive witnessed the market surge and then hit the wall, and retreat... it calms down a bit then surges again, then slowly eats away at the wall and breaks through, but with not much steam. Someone is definately trying to keep the xrp market rational and I think its working. I hope it helps to keep the price steady and not dump as much after this whole thing is over. Either that or they know its gonna dump after and this is their only chance to get out?
  5. can I call an xrp pump in the nxt 48 hrs?.. if not plz disregard thank you
  6. if the xrp was all held by one person with no limits on trading it would be a problem but its held by a group with a mission to promote the xrp ecosystem, and they will babysit the distribution as per their vision is met. Also I think most if not all of the escrowed funds are sold otc instead of through the order books, so maybe the price wont go up until the escrowed xrp is all in circulation? The purchase and use of these funds must also come with strict guidelines (contract) as well to keep the peace. this isnt the wild west (bitcoin)
  7. @bennxrp Susan Athey of Ripple did a interesting report in june 2018 that suggests xrp has a success rate of 25% by the year 2030 with a high estimate of >$500 billion daily transaction volume, and a unit price of $32+ dollars usd. Low estimate <$200 billion and a unit price of $6 usd. https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/fundamental-valuation-framework-for-cryptoassets/A+Fundamental+Valuation+Framework+for+Cryptoassets_June+2018.pdf
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