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  1. Hello, everybody. I go by Mackdaddy. I first looked at Ripple XRP back in 2014 and recently rediscovered it last year. I have studied it thoroughly everyday since. I would like to learn as much as possible about XRP and distributed ledger technology. I am from South Carolina. I am a skilled songwriter and a decent writer in general. I hope to learn enough to get in on the ground floor and possibly develop a business around this technology in the future. I am on Twitter and I am planning to start a YouTube channel sometime soon as well. Maybe I can use what I learn here to get me off to a running start. This is such a great time to be alive and I feel privileged to learn from Mr. Bob Way and you all. Thanks for having me.
  2. My favorite thing I have learned is that nothing has monetary value (including our ideas) unless it is liquid. I am just as facinated by your personal philosophies as I am the XRP information that you have provided. Very rare for me to feel reading a thread in a forum has expanded my character, but your posts have done just that.
  3. Hi, Bob. Rules sound more than fair to me. I just want you to know; I think you are brilliant. You have a great attitude as well. I feel fortunate to have come across this thread. Thanks for making my life a little less mundane the past several days. I think you would make a great author. If you ever write a book, I will definitely purchase it.
  4. Mackdaddy

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @Tinyaccount I apologize for quoting the entire passage above. I am new & that was my first post. I actaully tried to shorten it and could not figure out how. Anyway, hopefully I will learn how before posting again.
  5. Mackdaddy

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay Hello and thank you for your time. I was so intrigued I stayed up til 4am reading your post last night. I joined the forum only just now; bc of this thread. This is my first post here. I saw you mention the patent you and Ripple acquired and read through it. Is this patent in relation to Xpool by any chance? Also in reference to the above post, am I headed down the correct path in thinking that in order for XRP to succeed as the bridge currency, that it would involve banks / Ripple holding XRP or something like Xpool to make it plausible? If so is this the leverage that you refer to; in an earlier post that would help Ripple have an advantage towards making XRP the bridge currency? Does the latter correlate to your patent as well? Thanks again for your time! Last question, Where do I preorder your Book? 🤠
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