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  1. Every YouTuber promoting XRP is all hot and bothered that XRP isn’t pumping like other alts. So let’s examine reality. XRP has 100 Billion units outstanding ( circulating + escrowed note: just because units r not circulating does not mean they do not count) This metric alone puts XRP at a valuation of 36 Billion. This actually ranks XRP #2. Every time XRP moves 1 cent, the market cap rises ( or falls ) by 1 BILLION Dollars. There is no other altcoin with this type of volatility, or even close to this valuation. Is this valuation justified based on the fundamentals today? Or is it 99% speculation considered how far XRP valuation has crawled up since 2013. There r no defined valuation metrics in this space. This makes it a kind of wild Wild West. Which is sad really for those of us who want to see adoption take hold and be viewed as a serious asset class. Lets look at other financials to compare ( best we can do) GS - 74 Billion JPM - 341 Billion BAC - 279 Billion You get the idea. This is why, for me, comparatively, I see the current market cap as quite high. Complicated by the fact that adoption is not a lock, no defined regulation status, and just based on a potential utility factor? And whoever decided to redefine market cap for this space alone needs to rethink this foolish stance. Until we get these types of things sorted out, this space will be a side show and casino. (don’t get me wrong, I have purchased XRP, just don’t like the price) I struggle with understanding how a vehicle such as XRP will never generate revenue and still have such high valuation. To date I have not seen a worthy explanation. What model is this that does not make money but is so highly valued? Who decides what the valuation models are in this space? How would we even know what’s expensive? I want to tell the YouTubers and pumpers to Just Stop it and Shut Up. Stop thinking/saying .36 is “cheap”. You r scamming new comers. $1.00. $10.00 $125.00?.. oh please don’t be stupid. Even at a buck the valuation is 100 Billion, exceeding most companies listed on the NYSE. Be responsible. There needs to be a reality check in this space. Based on the progress alone with most of the other top projects, we r not ready for a new bull market. I believe this consolidation/basing period will extend far longer than anyone thinks, with a real possibility of another visit to the low 3000s again for BTC. It’s just the nature of markets. What do u think about XRPs true valuation? Does it bother u they don’t/will never make money? What happens to XRP when Ripple goes public?
  2. For the entire crypto space to work moving forward, certainly more than one currency ( xrp) must be considered to have value. I do not believe it is either/ or re BTC/XRP. It’s seems this may have been a false move, a final blow off before the next correction. If u believe in time/price cycles, u know it’s time. Need to see what April/ May bring us.
  3. Crypto Regulation is a mystery to me. If Warren Davidson introduced this Bill in Dec 2018, what type of regulation was being worked on prior to that? Is Davidson a self appointed champion of this space or does he chair a specific committee charged with regulation? Seems to me without regs, ICE and others will be sitting on their hands. I really don’t know exactly who or what group is responsible for the tax laws for crypto. Anyone, please weight in.
  4. Hi Bob, I’m learning so much reading this blog, but I keep coming back to the most fundamental question. If XRP is to serve as a bridge currency for international payments, the immediate logic points to stability as a needed mechanism. Then, what factor(s) require the XRP price/value to rise and how? If the answer is liquidity, this still alludes me, as there must be aspects of crypto vs traditional currencies that r not clear to me. Thank you for your time!
  5. XRP is native on Ledger now, so a huge plus.
  6. Hi Bob, Would you consider buying more at today’s price? Or has the psychology of investing under .01 and then selling some at.20 affected you ? Is market cap a discussion? I find it odd that tracking sources show market cap based only on units in circulation and not the entire 100 billion. What is the method to this madness? Please explain. Thank you !
  7. Hi Bob! Thrilled to have your esteemed presence here. Unlike most, I am rather new to Ripple /XRP and have been researching both for weeks now. Stumbling upon you and ur first hand knowledge is a blessing, so thank you for being here.;) As a newbie, I see lots of confusion, even some suspicion about the company and XRP. Here’s what I would like to understand and perhaps this will help others as well. 1. As Wall Street braces to enter the crypto market full-on, it’s important for every project in this space to provide clarity of purpose, community connection, and financial transparency, like Aion has done. As Ripple and XRP are separate and distinct entities, it seems the mechanism of XRP is misunderstood. What exactly is XRP ( besides a bridge currency for banks/transmitters), how does its classification (assumed) as a currency create rising value when stability is necessary for the banking sector internationally? Does XRP represent the value of the network in terms of growth, revenue or any traditional means of measurement? Or, is XRP representative of a new digital asset class that creates value on a level not yet specified or agreed upon in the analyst community? 2. Does Ripple plan on going public? If yes, how would that impact XRP? 3. What is the purpose of 100 Billion units of XRP, ( as opposed to say 100 Million?
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