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  1. Hey @BobWay i wonder from a marketshare perspective what would be the tipping point for Ripplenet to become unstoppable in terms of growth and in what time window Ripple sees this happening ? I understand there are about 48.000 banks & FI's in the world of which SWIFT serves about 11.000 and Ripple has signed up around 200 now that we know of , and the public opinion is that adoption is accelerating ( at least for Ripplenet , maybe not yet XRP ) I understand Ripple will not publicly disclose its G2M plan but wonder if you could shed some light on this . It's likely not just the nr o
  2. FFXman

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob , thanks a lot for your answer !! I am thinking for instance about XRP and the Art world , this is a 100 Bio $ market yearly . You could think of collectors and owners buying & selling art at auction houses with XRP . Big auction houses typically have a lot of liquidity coming in and going out ( buyers and sellers ) , it is the perfect setting for a liquid asset like XRP , benefiting all players in the value chain . And the DLT aspect helps with traceability , trust and provenance concerns. Kind regards
  3. FFXman

    Hi! I'm Bob

    @BobWay Hi Bob , I'm new to this forum but I think your summary of Ripple solutions and XRP offering atomic payments and instant settlement is probably the best I've read sofar in terms of fundamental transformational value for the financial payments sector . I am a big fan of Ripple and XRP as I feel they have the most integrated approach to solving a problem but i always challenge myself by looking at arguments from the other side . Some crypto purists - like Bitcoin maximalists for instance - will argue that many of the banking regulations and compliancy are there to protect the
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