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  1. Hello everyone, I bought a small piece of land (0.3 eth) on the Ethereum virtual reality game called Cryptovoxels. I will reserve this spot for anyone here to build anything (although its pretty small!).As for what Cryptovoxels is. it is an online virtual city where people build things, kind of like Minecraft, but its built on the Ethereum platform. The prices of these lands are mostly driven by supply and demand, land costs a littel $ because the land is limited and there isnt much supply. Let me know if you want to build anything on it, as I can grant you access. For now, the land is called XRP garden. If you got any ideas you can shoot it to me, this game has a very small userbase so far since it was launched recently (i think few hundred users, few thousand tops). Here is where it is located: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/parcels/283 rUfFX4E1d59XhxGA6pfyvzv3ufg5BdouAd if you want to throw some xrp to support the project :p
  2. I met someone who wants to make some XRP and cryptocurrency charms, keychain, GPU backplates, all kinds of swag. lmk if anyone would be interested in anything like these. Also have an access to 3d printer. If we get some interest we will list it on a website
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    Hi! I'm Bob

    Why would they not talk about protecting XRP investors? if XRP broke critical supports at 0.3 and 0.25, it would be huge blow toward the space. Lower price = lower liqudity, higher price = higher liquidity, I think it is absolutely in Ripple's concern if XRP's price if it dropped to some critical levels, they need the market for their product to work well.
  4. CL20

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hey bob! Thank you for being here. May I ask whats ripple's opinions on XRP investors? In my perfect opinion, i think that, ripple is bullish on the price of XRP, do they think we deserve to be rewarded because we're taking so much risk buying XRP and increasing liquidity for their ultimate goal? Is there any terms or talks Ripple have had that talks about protecting investors? (lets not dump x amount of XPR), or something like that. Thanks in advance.
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