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  1. There ought to be standard well written disclaimer added to every post on here by a script. Just in case.
  2. I will lose patience long before then. Mind you My bitcoin will have eased the pain
  3. Probably, shouldn’t have that little c in there.🤪
  4. 5M ? By the way, I wont make that much, but, .$5M thats 100k a year for 50 years, and ignoring any interest,. I wont last that long. So I would just spend it at 150k per year, while what I haven't spent is gaining interest at say 4% compound, I would still die before I spent it all.
  5. Probably just a server failure, so the data is not there. Maybe worth verifying using other data sources?
  6. I am too old to understand who is being nice and who is being nasty on this thread. 🙄 Lets all just get along, after all, we are here for the same reasons.
  7. Watched Mike Novogratz on YTube a few times, he maintains that BTC will remain a store of value, like gold. So, Perhaps the Flippening won’t happen. Perhaps there is room for many Crypto solutions, with different use cases. Even for a while multiple coins competing in the same field, such as supply chain tokens. Or XRP and Stellar.just like there are in the traditional share market place. All I know is that I have limited time to research them all, so have narrowed my hopes to just a few contenders. Of course this is definitely not financial advice, do your own research.
  8. Well, I don't mean to offend, but I am in my late 50s and your 5 to 10years is in line with my opinion in my post, anyway. I guess personal circumstance comes into it too. If you can retire comfortably without cashing in your Crypto until you are 70, then good for you, but we all don’t have that luxury.
  9. If you are in your 20s then waiting til you are 40 for a good profit isn’t so bad. But if you are in your late fifties now, its probably better to take any profit no matter what price xrp is, within the next 5 years, or you will be too old to enjoy it.
  10. I don't see why you say that myself, i think at Xrylte is just saying that the benefit is just in symantics?
  11. What constitutes an account? If you buy XRP on say, three different exchanges, is that 3 different accounts?
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