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  1. I am not answering for anyone else, and declare that I bought at 1st in November and Early December 2017. My tuppence is, that unless a large proportion of cross border payments use XRP in some way either xrapid or some yet to be revealed product, then there won’t be enough every day purchases to drive the price up very high. This is especially in the light of the million XRP per month release by Ripple. This XRP price depends on huge corp banking usage, not IMHO the likely hood of people buying beer with it. This token is a gamble, and I am happy to partake, win or lose. Anyone who thinks that they are investing is at this time , again IMHO , fooling them selves.
  2. I read that XRP releases a billion XRP per month for say 5 years, thus watering down the price. 1. Is this true. 2. When do they stop releasing it, ie when is the 5 years over?
  3. I think the original poster and some others have a fair point to say that Sometimes timing is everything, better products dont always win through, if a competitor somehow jumps in first.
  4. Looking at https://ripple.com/company/careers/ To me it looks like they are seeing up take from more businesses as they are hiring a large set of customer facing disciplines. If I were younger the solution architect roles would be very tempting. As it is I am winding down towards semi retirement now. Any how it all looks promising to me.
  5. Glide

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Have a browse for SendFriend, was in the crypto news last month.
  6. Glide

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Take a look at Bloom.co blockchain identity project. BLT on coin market cap. They are a small project that I think have good intentions. Only what I have read from their web page. I declare that I have £2.50 worth of coindrop from them ha ha.
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