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  1. Haha well, I guess I didn't think about that part. Umm..guess I'm just gonna have to trust the old man I used...
  2. @BobWay What are your thoughts on Tron and Justin Sun? I know he worked at Ripple and helped expand partnerships globally. Have any interactions with him or were y'all even there at the same time?
  3. Awh. Yes I see it now. That was confusing me on which one they wanted me to use! I can be a little slow at times with others docs. Thank you.
  4. On the website I only see WebSocket API and Data API v2..the RPC page doesn't have anything but a lookup tool? Am I missing something?
  5. @BobWay I meant to ask. What are your thoughts on using web sockets vs REST?
  6. @BobWay I for one, would love to follow along. You are molding my wallet as I build it! Also understanding better how to use the test net would be amazing!
  7. I am working on this. I have the 'entities' part done. Ripple API allowed me to do it in 2 nights. Building in encryption/security then moving onto the next one on your list. Please, by all means use the 'lay people's terms because those are the ones I am learning via Ripples docs.
  8. @BobWay hey, I don't really know where to put this question exactly nor could find where you have explained it but assume you have, very sorry. Can you help explain gateways, their functions, etc? Or lead me to the answer in this community!? Thanks Bob!
  9. I am in the US, they put a garnishment on his accounts and all associated accounts, took every dime from us. Happen overnight as the legal team had ties to our banks legal team, so it literally happen overnight. Left that bank that morning, never looked back. My father had to borrow money from his brother-in-law to pay his employees!! He then proceeded to take out a loan, guaranteed his home, just to pay it all back and stay stable. He questioned going bankrupt because of it. What kind of law allows the government to take every dime so that even your employees, who have nothing to do with this, get screwed as well. The 'ripple' effect from that is astounding and turned me on the entire system overnight. No doubt about the regulations/taxes etc. I do hope that as long as xrp takes a global stance that I may never really have to pull the money out completely. I'm very curious to how the future of all of this will play out. All I know is I don't trust centralized systems anymore. Too much central power just breeds corruption!
  10. I have had my money taken straight out of my bank account by the government...when it had nothing to do with me, my father was simply attached to my account from 15 to 20 years ago and he was being sued. They took every dime I had. I felt the full force of leaving your money in someone else's hands and trusting them. I am not saying what you are doing is bad or i'm against it, i support that and hope to begin trusting my coins enough to do it as well. But, for now I like the idea that no one but me has any access to those coins. Period. I have actually never felt so safe with my money. Thank you crypto/ripple.
  11. Haha, left off the last 4 digits...my mind only. And anything can get lost, stolen, destroyed..nothing is safe unless you personally memorize the secret and even then if you die or lose that memory..gone. The ring was the most durable trust worthy thing i could think of besides handing my wife a password protected thumb drive. I want that 'key' on me at all times. period.
  12. @BobWay Gateways Atomic Bi-directional Market maker (Really any nitty gritty terms in the financial exchange side of things)
  13. 1. Haha, my 'paper wallet' has been engraved on the inside of my wedding ring. Doesn't get safer than that in my opinion. Which I handed my wife an encrypted password protected thumb drive with everything she'd ever need to recover all my wallets and crypto investments. 2. I find toast to be the best wallet right now. I am currently building one for Android (more coming) and there are two key parts to a wallet for me. A) my keys are not stored online, on anyone else's device or server and b) a secure connection or web socket while signing transactions and such. Toast uses an onboard SQL database to store your key. I like that. I'm not using a long term wallet that isn't open source so I can see how my private keys are being stored. That crap scares me, mainly while we tread the early days of crypto. Anyone wants to add to this, I'd love to hear your opinions.
  14. @BobWayI was discussing with my brother last night that I see a wallet with the ability to transfer value like venmo/satoshipay "@ChazzCoin" and also using the same wallet to pay for things via NFC as you are saying. This is so absolutely key as everything in our lives are moving to our phones in the future. Samsung Pay has pretty much eliminated the use of my physical cards, I merely use them out of habit now. I am trying my best to learn how to integrate with the ILP and Coil. I would love to incorporate other amazing ideas like XRP Tip Bot into the wallet to allow users to tip each other. What an amazing social value of the future!! Any resources to help in my endeavors are always welcome!! I am still new to the development side of this but spending one night connecting up to the api/ledger successfully made me realize how simple this stuff really is in the end! I should have a native open source android wallet on the store in a couple of months! (at least thats my goal) Thanks again for everything!
  15. @cryptoxrp We may want to chat as I think our goals are aligning somewhat. Mobile developer looking to jump into this party.
  16. I have realized that anyone who is a big 'ETH' fan, then anything that could jeopardize their foundation is labeled an enemy and is spoken poorly about. I, for one, was a big ETH fan and thought this was the end all be all. 100% of my holdings in the early days were ETH. This was the internet 2.0 and nothing else mattered. It is still great, don't get me wrong. What they have done is amazing for innovation and the crypto-verse! Plus, competition drives innovation! The problem is education. My brother just did this to me over the weekend with ETH, once I laid out ripple, he was f-ing blown over and is all in with helping me build apps for the network now. He has begun questioning their entire foundation, haha, oops. EDUCATION PEOPLE. @BobWay, this is why you are so, so needed in this community.
  17. @BobWay! I've been sitting back watching the ripple community for years now. Long time believer and hodler. It's people like you that have brought me out of hiding and made me realize that I better start learning rippled... Now. Being a Mobile developer, haha, surprise, I'm building my first mobile wallet and then, well, I guess not only is that why I'm here but the sky is the limit. If you have any ideas I haven't seen in here yet that's mobile based, would love to hear it! And by all means, please help, I am open source all day! It's how we grow, how we evolve. Thank you for being here, your insights are absolutely priceless to me.
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