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  1. Up to you. Me personally I'd buy now. Not financial advice, but FOMO is coming https://twitter.com/mrlevelup Also I use Wirexapp now as it's instant mate, uses GBP and was able to get money from my Bank quickly and to my Nano - within an hour I'm UK too
  2. South Manchester here Hello all.
  3. Just learned about Stellar and earned $XLM in return! Use my invite to join Coinbase and earn up to $50 of $XLM.; https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/mj754htk Just get the XLM and convert to Zerps 😁👍
  4. Currently, I have reported 3 accounts to Bithomp to get them labelled as fraudulent - of which 2 have been. Really sad someone has sent one of the accounts a 1000XRP just today
  5. Standard - I did not engage brain before actions. Classic - send x amount of XRP to receive 10x XRP back Can't see me getting my Zerps back but I'm trying my hardest to screw these people over, so others don't fall for there scam - others have fallen for it too as I've seen transactions from others people too So here is how I let myself get scammed. I checked twitter a couple of days ago and saw a tweet from an account I follow - turned out it was a replica account with an extra underscore - it went on about getting XRP. The tweet linked to a youtube video with something like 250 comments about how much they'd received on this XRP giveaway from Ripple. So I fell for it. I went to a website which gave me a destination address and tag and proceeded to send some XRP. It's safe to say I received nothing back - and that's it.
  6. Hi all sadly and stupidly I allowed myself to get scammed out of some XRP. I was gutted and feel a bit stupid tbh - so feel free to give me a kicking in this thread . Since I got scammed I have bee trying my hardest to stop anyone else getting scammed by these scumbags, including: reporting their channel on youtube, Leaving comments on their youtube channels blacklisting their multiple sites to google and WOT getting bithomp to label their accounts as fraudulent - which they have done I'm also trying to get registered on the ripple forums to see what I can do there (but I never receive their account activation email, so can't login and register) I notice on bithomp they sent 400XRP to Binance. Is there any way I can work out their destination address they sent to so I can contact Binance to see if they can help in anyway to track these people? Thanks
  7. Sorry not used Blockfolio. I installed Gem last night - it's very nice. Just can't display main page in my chosen currency - always shows USD. So I have added my transactions in GBP, but main page shows my total assets in USD
  8. Omg I just bricked it. I thought you meant someone will get my IP off my phone/post and track me to torture me for my Crypto. I think you mean an app to track price rises..... /breathes a sigh of relief 🤣
  9. I've only been in the crypto game since Feb. As I feel late to the crypto game and feel I've missed previous opportunities- due to not buying bitcoin in the early days - and some people speculating "wen moon" I've been trying to buy as much as I can right now. I have tried to buy less luxury goods this month to allow me to buy as much XRP as possible. I've also for some reason bought a small amount of litecoin and cardano (£50 buys over a 1000, so made sense) I need to start looking at other ways to make money too if I want to retire at a good age - assuming I get success Sadly I'm not a very patient guy. I check prices nearly every opportunity I get. I need to break out of this as it will drive me mad. If anyone has tips on this let me know 🤪. I need something to alert me when prices go up significantly. Good luck with your investments.
  10. Hi I'm a newb on this site as well as in the crypto world - I made a mistake I wish I'd registered as ZimBobWay - lol Thanks for all your info.
  11. Crypkey

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hah, I'm a complete n00b in this area and I'm the same - I need to work but can't as trying to keep up with this thread too. Made even worse with my slow brain trying to get to grips with all this amazing info from all of you, especially Bob. Thanks all
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