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  1. Status Quo have already imploded. They're instructing their lawyers ' Down, Down, Deeper and Down'.
  2. Hello. Would you ever consider bringing back ripple names (e.g. ~xrpchat)? Would it add value to certain use cases to make it simpler to identify a payee?
  3. I remember that for a while there was a fake/phishing gatehub site set up so if you accidently typed getahub into google it was the number 1 result. Could it be related to that maybe and someone was patient enough to wait until taking funds to cover their tracks. I also remember the site ripple tradle or something similar which I almost fell for myself. Luckily I noticed it before entering my details and reported either on here or on xrptalk. Someone then reported it to Google as a phishing site. I can't remember if during the migration we had to change our passwords or not? But again someone could have been patient enough and kept the logon details they obtained and only used them now? It seems a lot of people that were hacked have had their accounts a long time so maybe it's possible?
  4. Late 2013 I saw a post by someone on housepricecrash.co.uk website about how they'd made enough money from bitcoin to get a deposit for a house. He also said that ripple (XRP) looked interesting so I did some research and found XRP to be most useful looking. I also remembered a conversation I had several years earlier with a guy that used to be very high up in Oracle (I think) who said that whoever solved the international payments problem would make a lot of money. Got my first Zerps early December 2013 through the computing for good giveaway. Feel very lucky to have got into XRP so early.
  5. It's all pretty arbitrary but remember that each XRP can only be subdivided into 6 drops. BTC can be subdivided into 8 drops. So if we're talking drops and Satoshi's then there's an argument that there's only 47.62 times as many smallest denominations for XRP than for Bitcoin When comparing whole coins there are 4762 times more XRPs. Therefore the price should be 100 times higher ?. If comparing like for like....
  6. Yes you're right it was lucky not happy - I was thinking of his avatar... ? I remember he was quite the JED fan back in the day (guilty secret eh..!).
  7. I've got about 100,000,000 JED. They were a worthless IOU created by 'Happy'. No prizes for guessing who the IOU were named after.
  8. Very strange looking account. It was activated with 30 XRP yet now only has 1 XRP. How could it be 19XRP below the account reserve?
  9. Haha - I'm pretty sure they meant the demo was starting in 10 minutes time...
  10. Exactly what I was thinking - one argument against that at the moment is possibly the amount of liquidity but this is improving over time. Connected to this is that XRP could be argued to be more volatile than, for example BTC, but the speed of XRP transactions should mitigate most of this risk. Especially once liquidity improves.
  11. Looks like it's on an exchange that I'm not familiar with, but usually the reserve amount is not included in your reported balance.
  12. Wasn't there a thread the other day speculating about some funds moving with that same tag (1000000004). Possibly that it's testing or pre-selected investors at SBI?
  13. Not sure that he did. Only the buyer "wants" Bitcoin.
  14. Hi CryptoGerrie, Do you mind sharing the name of the bank in Switzerland? I may be moving there in 2018 so could be useful in the future Also I've read that Switzerland doesn't have oersonal capital gains tax - which is a bonus! Thanks
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