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  1. Great question @BehindtheLedger I would also love to know more about this area. I keep hearing people refer to the switch being 'flicked on' but I cant imagine it would be that simple. Surely once a company is integrated it is then up to them what transactions they put through the ledger so perhaps more of a 'phased approach' rather than a 'flick of the switch type event'? @BobWay Is there any way of applying filters so we can determine the difference between 'real' transactions and that of testing/exchanges? probably not but worth asking the question. One last question if I may be so bold? As an outsider now looking in on the crypto space. What is the biggest challenge bar regulation to XRP? Hope you had a great time catching up with the gang at SxSW
  2. Hi Bob, Everything you have said and done so far has made a tremendous impact. for me though the biggest impact is you being able to tell it as it is, no BS, no marketing speak! Also the thing that strikes me most about Ripple employees and ex employees, it seems you all have great moral compasses and you are doing whats right, not what will make you a boat load of money at other peoples expenses. I don't know if that is by design or not but product, people and mission all seem to be on-point! Keep up the good work my friend, it is appreciated more than you will ever know
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