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  1. Thanks a lot Bob.That was really helpful
  2. 2) Please find the link below to the Shane Ellis Theory summary https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lqNRyD_0p78p1byoLmd2O7C3WAuZNJVS/view
  3. Hi Bob, First of all it is amazing to finally get clarity on a lot of things that was a bit vague.Thank a ton :):) Could you kindly throw some light to the following theories that has been creating a lot of ruckus and dividing the community, 1)The infamous Bearableguy123 589$ Theory. 2)The Shane Ellis theory 3)50+$ in 24 hrs theory by Kichiro Fukui. Any truth in any of these theories?Your answer could help put a lot of mind to rest
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