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  1. Hey all،what happened to the study group... any update. Thanks Xrp Simba
  2. Hello, am available at 12HRS GMT TO 1HRS GMT Every day. For any audio or video conference if available
  3. Hello Mr Bob and the wonderful team, My name is Ali Kyeswa pronounced as "Chess-wa" from Uganda,East Africa. Just call me Chex Am XRP-SIMBA @kyexwa on Twitter Time Zone +3 GMT Am proud to be part of this "very soon to be legendary" XRP team and am sure i will be of benefit to the east African community covering Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda and Burundi where Swahili is the main local and regional language in all these countries plus Luganda for Uganda. Am a freelance graphic designer,charity worker, inter-faith dialogue NGO Director and presenter and Digital Asset investor. ive always wished i could time travel back and ahead in time to exploit the financial opportunities but i just discovered it yesterday that its possible and that am living it now...living in 5 years back of 2024 puts you in 2019 and having known and got some good amount of XRP now in 2019 is time traveled back when the whole world will be singing,eating,drinking and everything XRP in 2024+ TIME TRAVEL..This trick applies on many things..just have an analysis and forecast..that makes you a time traveler..wish no more.
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