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  1. Hello World, My nickname is v3spasian. I am a Software Engineer. I do not have much of an online media presence. I do have a twitter handle @V3spas1an, which I use to follow the XRP army! I live in the USA and my timezone is CST. I speak English, Hindi and Bengali. My primary interest is in understanding how the XRP ledger works and more generally the ILP. I'd love to join this study group to understand the entire breadth of topics Bob is planning to cover! I'd like to use this knowledge to contribute to the development of software projects in this space. Glad to meet you all!!
  2. Hi Bob, I'm a software engineer and an aspiring ILP developer and have enjoyed reading your explanations to so many diverse topics. I promise to read, fully understand and question/clarify all your great ideas while trying to think of acting on one! When yacht? Someday hopefully! V3spasian
  3. v3spasian

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thank you Bob for your valuable contributions here as well as during your time at Ripple! This thread inspired me to create an account here Maybe this is well understood, but I'd to know what you think. So, in your opinion, what needs to happen before the XRP price action stops being influenced by Bitcoin? It seems quite easy for Bitcoin to tank XRP price movements at the moment.
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