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  1. @BobWay @JoelKatz as digital assets are really only in their infancy, I've got to ask the question, what is the life expectancy of xrp? When it was designed, how long was it expected to be in service?
  2. Thanks @BobWay! I might just continue accumulating XRP. So what is your next project, or is that too early to reveal?
  3. @BobWay I would like to hear your thoughts about Cardano and ADA. How do you think Cardano and ADA stacks up against Ripple and XRP? I have only just started doing some research into the Cardano project and I can see a lot of similarities to what Ripple have already achieved. One of the main objectives of the Cardano project is to create interoperability between different protocols. Isn’t this what ILP has already accomplished? Do you see Cardano as a threat to Ripple in the future? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have set up regular purchase plan to buy every week.
  5. Came across a business directory for you to list your business if you own one. It's for businesses who specifically accept XRP for payments. you can check it out at https://xrppages.com. It looks new. Not many listings yet.
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    Hi Bob, Great content. Thankyou. Only signed up because of this thread.
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