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  1. I have not heard of any secret plan to organize a bunch of independent companies and then jump on the XRP Ledger and start operating all at once. But why not. That would be a smashing idea! Just not one I would guess that Ripple the company would organize. But by all means, everyone know you can field your own team and do just that. Bob, There is a lot of hope based on this idea. If this isn't the roll out scenario, we're left with incremental gains in volume until it aligns with the use case. To date, I don't see any evidence it has started. Is time already working against Ripple?
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    Hello Bob, Thank you for sharing your insight. Much is made of the liquidity requirement before mass adoption can take place. Do you see this as a gradual liquidity increase? or is it more likely the pieces are staged and waiting for a coordinated cutover? Thanks. Thanks.
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