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  1. That sounds great, but no progress was made by the substantiation. It only emboldens FUD, but what do I know??? I'm only HODLing and remaining poor.
  2. Well, I bet the business side of the house prefers the issue fixed and forgotten and not used as a means to cast doubt on the network and its future prospects.
  3. Your casting doubt on the health of the company's cash cow. I doubt Ripple loves the clarification.
  4. No company policy about airing dirty laundry?
  5. The Byrne story did remind me of your previous statements about hiding money away from the USG. Byrne admitted to being an accomplice in the setup of Trump. Now that Trump survived, Byrne realizes he is on the wrong side of what is coming. Hopefully, many fall under this scenario. I did notice the large XRP holders on Coinbase were more often buyer than sellers during the last sell-off. With all the news/progress, price is still depressing. Looking forward to an announcement which gets us out of the gates.
  6. Hey Logchain, I figured I'd check back in to see if you felt August provided any further clarify? It doesn't appear the big money pedos bought in yet. Maybe Epstein's death, bought them some time. I'm hoping a Brexit delay doesn't cause a further delay in this roll-out. Interesting to see the liquidity stress the past few days.
  7. I understand FedNow is different from TCH.
  8. When I read the passage above - I only read TCH, but curious minds can disagree.
  9. I'm not saying the PROPOSED FedNow network is TCH's RTP network and neither is that quote.
  10. Not sure what you are trying to say... The Clearing House's RTP network is new. The RTP network is the first new core payments infrastructure to be built in over four decades and the first ever designed and built for the digital age. Launched in November 2017, the system is now delivering to U.S. businesses and consumers the real-time functionality, rich messaging, and security consistent with the way Americans operate today – in real-time.
  11. This quote - Indeed, only one private-sector RTGS service for faster payments has been established in the nearly six years since the Federal Reserve launched the SIPS initiative and articulated the goal of a ubiquitous, safe, and efficient faster payment system. Comments received by the Board support the expectation that this service is likely to remain the sole private-sector provider of RTGS services for faster payments in the United States." Is referring to The Clearing House.
  12. The Clearing House?
  13. Thank you for your reply. This is interesting. The world does seem to be changing. I do hope that Ripple is on the right side of the divide.
  14. Does the potential clarity involve Brexit?
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