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    His answer, page 10.
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    Hi Bob!   Welcome to the board and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.  I went through the 43 pages and I wasn't sure if anyone asked this question.

    As we all know that Ripple is working with IMF regarding regulations, do you think IMF will use XRP internally or any other way?
    Also, is there a chance of SWIFT deciding to form a partnership with Ripple in the next year or so?
    And lastly with DTCC  testing and they seem to be aiming to go live by summer, are they working with Ripple and testing with XRP?

    One more,  it seems 2019 is more of a regulation year, the SEC and the US government is focused on working out the regulations, you think 2020 will be more
    of banks starting to use XRP?    Thanks!
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