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  1. Jockoz

    Hi! I'm Bob

    David what are your thoughts on holochain in general and what holo are trying to do with decentralising the internet and giving individuals back ownership of their data?
  2. Jockoz

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Maybe its my cunning ploy to kick the company in the ass a little and encourage them to pay more attention to the community!  Bob thanks for the reply much appreciated. Everyone needs a kick up the arse once in a while. Your timing was impeccable. There were a lot of people who were crying out for factual ******** free information.
  3. Jockoz

    Hi! I'm Bob

    There has been some growing frustration within the community at the perceived lack of information coming from ripple in regards to developments etc. Is your presence on here a cunning ploy by the folks at ripple to be able to open up and interact with the community through as ex employee?😉 Regardless whether it has come from ripple or off your own back i have appreciated and enjoyed reading your replies. Hopefully people remain respectful of the time and effort you are putting in to answer our questions.
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