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  1. Need to figure out get some credit card offers from banks where my northern neighbors are!
  2. Look at this, wow oh wow, wish I'd bought some XRP with that card from that bank! LOL https://www.yahoo.com/news/flabbergasted-chase-bank-forgives-credit-130519230.html "Chase made the decision to exit the Canadian credit card market. As part of that exit, all credit card accounts were closed on or before March 2018. A further business decision has been made to forgive all outstanding balances in order to complete the exit," Maria Martinez, vice president of communications for Chase Card Services, said in a statement....Until now they had (customers/cardholders) continued to pay off their balances, but, alas, no more!
  3. While I'm too down with $700+ XRP...Govt issued fiat will ALWAYS be repaid, in full, there's no real debt crisis due to inflation, they'll hang you (with inflated goods prices in your economy against a weak currency) before they'll neglect to repay(say i.e. T-Bills, in USA). Any govt, know you'll get your $million, but it might only buy a loaf of bread in your country...see Weimar Republic as an example, read "When Money Dies" by Fergusson
  4. I, uh, change dot org=Soros..I uh, don't wanna be in goddam bed there!?! We have the Clintons already, in bed, and that scares me, except they're bullet proof fuckin' feinds, but ...Soros kills anything that smells of money, to enrich himself (see GBP or Euro vs South American currencies)...JUST WOW!
  5. I recall reading that to implement Swift itself like TOOK 5 years from announcing to actual usage as a "much needed" system. If they don't use XRP, we better be sweating and looking out for Swift's new blockchain tech...in 2024! LOL
  6. Did not Know that! Great info Tiny...BTW my demand comment was not FUD, just seemed to me XRP demand MUST be up, not waning, so counter intuitive to business to lower XRP fees, to my mind, but good for the Aussies!
  7. Interesting, more demand for Bitcoin evidently, would this indicate a slower demand for XRP? I recall transaction fees going up for XRP x-fers during the Christmas/New Year run to $3+
  8. M-Pesa in Africa, trades mobile phone credits, like bank account credits, in small amounts. They are familiar with the concept of digital-non fiat- credits for settlement, due to this app. IMO this is what XRP needs to fill, familiarize low avg income folks, in many countries with XRP as a much more accepted/interchangable digital "credit" P.S. Oh, and XRP is cheaper, too, of course
  9. denverks, from the same article "The partnership combines Ria’s resources with Ripple’s network of 200+ financial institutions. For customers this would mean increased efficiency, speed, transparency and efficiency. It would also mean better visibility and end to end tracking. In addition to money transfers Ria now also offers bill payments, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, and money orders. The partnership has the potential to significantly reduce transaction costs for all of these transactions. RippleNet customers will benefit from Euronet’s Digital Integrated Payments Cloud and access to Ria’s global fintech ecosystem, enabling cross-border payments both ways. Interesting
  10. Not sure how that fits in, but I think "Warbler" on XRPChat, here. IS creator/Bithomp's guy. Interested in the thread info here because my brother has a "toast wallet".
  11. Hey, great topic! Interesting. But...Didn't Bob Way once say, loosely, something like : "We thought Arthur Britto was a god, because he'd bought BTC at $1". So Britto does not equal Satoshi if this is the case. Just sayin'
  12. Janna, fantastic stuff! So, not to get shot at here, you prompted me to think...If I were a French wine shipper, as you stated, and wished to use altcoin to offset possible losses, I'd be far more interested in a stablecoin, and I'm no fan of stablecoins. This is the first time I've figured out a use for the stinkin' things. The only way to retain currency arb with XRP, or BTC or etc, etc, would be to buy and reserve them NOW, before the flood into them, right??
  13. Either Terrible or Wonderful, not sure. Thoughts? https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-says-wants-eliminate-bitcoin-mining-042048924--sector.html May 7th is China Govt's decision date, evidently
  14. Great Q by OP XtraRarePeople. I'm by no means pumping this alt, but have seen NYC or New York Coin as interesting for a while, at one point they had a few NY business' on board to use. If you've ever been to New York city, you'd know why I thought this would take off, but so far, dud. Any of you much more savvy XRPChatter's wanna weigh in why not more interest? Thanks in advance P.S. it's up 89% as I typed this, but it'll lose it back. LOL
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