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  1. I found part of the info I wanted in your link, tev, TY!
  2. Guys/Gals BTC is rising, and I recall there was a scandal online about USDT Tethers and Bitcoin during the ramp last year, like USDT was being fabricated with no USD actually backing the Tethers. Did I understand correctly? What exchange was supposedly creating these Tethers from thin air? Anyone? Thanks.
  3. JMO, I think he had this in mind too, brilliant play on existing conspiracy, Jed. Still looks like a dont' sign! LOL
  4. I think Dutch nailed it, looks like a "don't" symbol. I Physically LOLed!
  5. I dont' know the answer, but I like the question, tony!
  6. I heard this, thought it might be troubling, briefly. I then realized she really said nothing. To say, as she did, loosely "we settle in minutes, sometimes seconds" is likely true, between two existing banks with currency agreements. I'd ask her "Do all banks and currencies in SWIFT settle this quickly, or just the big boys, big currency swaps(Dollars, Euro, Pounds), between BIG banks?" All XRP transactions settle very quickly, regardless of transaction value or remitter, or currency XRP was purchased in. JMO
  7. maybe I'll become a Legend here, are you ready? Bearable Guy is Bob Way! JMO, no knowledge, but I try not to be the dumbest guy in the room. Let her rip! LOL. Best to all(you too, Bob!)! P.S. I'll not say Why I think so, but I do really think this may be true, do your DD.
  8. I think Bob's here now?....No I didn't say that???!!! LOL We are looking for "Treasure" in tha patents, Bob Way? JMO
  9. Thanks Truckdriver! RNZN=? New Zealand I see? Pretty elite Navy my friend, only about ~2500 of you at a given time? Best to you and for yours!
  10. I am a US Sailor, retired. I too think my favorite "metal money", in he world, is Silver coin. I'd suggest anyone reading this that "US silver junk coin" is something everyone should learn about, quickly. You'll learn that older silver US coins(Mercury dimes, i.e.) can be had for less than a cup of coffee. Minimal dollar risk, but a highly regulated/supressed market, to your advantage (Silver generally) FOR NOW, IMO. I just want to say, one of the reasons I waited to get into crypto, was the Govt regulatory, and Federal Reserve, side of economics. To loosely quote G Edward Griffin "The Federal Reserve ain't Federal, and has no Reserve". At a Govt Bitcoin conference in late 2013 in DC, Ripple was there, yet "Bitcoin" was not(?!?). Ben Bernanke was a speaker at a Ripple Labs shindig. We all know there are many banking ties with the Ripple company execs. Will they still come after XRP? Hell, I don't know. Is it less likely now? I think so, JMO. Will regulation come and stifle this new digital asset Paradigm? Almost certainly. JMO. Will Ripple Labs be a winner in this process? I BELIEVE so. Does that bode well for XRP? I'm betting YES. These are MY OPINIONS, I am no expert.
  11. Doc, thanks for the thumbs up. I am an "armchair economist" lol. It's like a shade tree mechanic! I left a long career where I kept simple accounting "books", among warehousing, distribution, etc... was a Logistics Specialist but never cared too much about how the money machine works. 2009 bank failures led me to realize economics are interesting, to me, this includes markets, etc. I'm an autodidact, and had to know all I could. This led me to economics sites, where ultimately I learned of "Ripples" or now as we say ,XRP. I didn't plunge in for a long time, just kept learning. Ripple Labs wanted to work within the confines of economics, on the up and up. That's why I vested in it more than some other "crypto coins" I experimented with. Best to you, Sir!
  12. To Original poster, uh, this??: The fees we perceive: - buying XRP is free - selling XRP is free - posting trade offers is free LocalRipple.co will retain a flat 1% fee from all transactions insured by our escrow service. This fee is paid by the user that created the trade offer
  13. Hi all, I too noticed the influx. Though I'm a NEWBIE, I've actually been here reading since ~2017(know it was wayyy before the spike)! I too think Bob's a great addition, but not WHY I joined. I have brought friends and family to XRP, I was buying off exchange since before 2017, on famous auction sites. I always paid 2X plus, but this was mere pennies then It got to the point where my wife of 28 yrs, told me to quit dumping $$ into that "stupid crypto", even though it was (relatively small amounts) much cheaper. I was on Cryptsy, but never sent my XRP, even once he started accepting it (!!!THANKFULLY!!!), now, of course. I lost several hundreds to Vern, but not Big$$$$, like many. I always wanted to see where Ripple Labs TOOK XRP. Best to all! P.S. I passed on btc AT $27. Never owned one(could have in Cryptsy, but nah, didn't)! I'm here because the tech is not my forte, but many of you help me explain to friends and family, so TY!
  14. I read through the patents, Bob's secret's safe, I can't make s#it of most so my true guess is "Bob Ways Patent"= " Ice-cream measuring and dispensing device " United States Patent 1498497 ...Free ice cream, yum! YES! Need my Marvel No Prize(do you guys know what that is?? like if you do, I need 'em!) LOL
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