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  1. Alluvial, FYI, I love conspiracy theories, the whole genre like some like westerns or romance novels. I discovered them when learning of silver decade+ ago... Not all/maybe most, are actually true, but the good ones have a quantifiable fact or two that's an eye opener! One to look into is "When Bear Sterns failed, it was their short Silver contracts that sunk them, which JPMorgan unwound over the last decade, going net long physical".
  2. Why yes...2008 got serious. Physical. The $50 peak circa 1980 translates to ~$155 today. I'm lurking reddit Wallstreetsilver weekly.
  3. Oh, and as an aside...I think that Ripple Labs, will receive additional "fines" and Uncle Sugar ( Uncle Sugar= U.S.= Govt = US Treasury?) will be a LARGE HODLer of XRP in 2021! Remember "Silk Road"?? Govt captured and sold all (wink,wink) their BTC??? Threw that cat in prison? BG, I'd hire some heavy outside counsel, man! JMO
  4. From FinCEN doc, a Govt agency part of US Treasury..." FinCEN's assessment is concurrent with the USAO-NDCA's announcement of a settlement agreement with Ripple Labs and XRP II. In that settlement, the companies resolved possible criminal charges and forfeited $450,000. The $450,000 forfeiture in that action will be credited to partially satisfy FinCEN's $700,000 civil money penalty...." It's a currency AT BEST as per Treasury/DOJ 2015, created by Ripple Labs So now 5 years later, we'll change course, and call it a Security? WTH? Ripple will have to pay the additional $250,000, if it
  5. Please share and comment...Since we're running in price, I've noticed the plastic hard wallet credit card items popping up on Ebay, "again" ! In early 2018 I bought 10, and tested 2 of the cards by loading 700 and 100, then waited about 90 days or so, and one day "poof" XRP were withdrawn. These are likely ALL a SCAM, please newbies avoid, let me be the last sucker! If you need a hard wallet, maybe "Bithomp" paper wallet for free? I've not used Bithomp for that, but it has been around for years now. Best to all! SilverSailor
  6. Getting them too, like .00022, Hope the ******** fat finger me 22,000!
  7. Thanks mike...was just wondered how widespread, did not follow links, etc. this is why I love this site, man!
  8. Got .00008800 XRP from "claimxrp.com" memo said "hidden fraud domain" ...anyone else see this? Thanks
  9. Guys and Gals and other(?), look back to Nov 18 2013, the Senate meeting on Bitcoin...Ripple Labs did show up...Was there a Senate XRP airdrop wayy back then to illustrate use??? Maybe Congress wants their piece of the pie. Just a thought...
  10. Need to figure out get some credit card offers from banks where my northern neighbors are!
  11. Look at this, wow oh wow, wish I'd bought some XRP with that card from that bank! LOL https://www.yahoo.com/news/flabbergasted-chase-bank-forgives-credit-130519230.html "Chase made the decision to exit the Canadian credit card market. As part of that exit, all credit card accounts were closed on or before March 2018. A further business decision has been made to forgive all outstanding balances in order to complete the exit," Maria Martinez, vice president of communications for Chase Card Services, said in a statement....Until now they had (customers/cardholders) continued to p
  12. While I'm too down with $700+ XRP...Govt issued fiat will ALWAYS be repaid, in full, there's no real debt crisis due to inflation, they'll hang you (with inflated goods prices in your economy against a weak currency) before they'll neglect to repay(say i.e. T-Bills, in USA). Any govt, know you'll get your $million, but it might only buy a loaf of bread in your country...see Weimar Republic as an example, read "When Money Dies" by Fergusson
  13. I, uh, change dot org=Soros..I uh, don't wanna be in goddam bed there!?! We have the Clintons already, in bed, and that scares me, except they're bullet proof fuckin' feinds, but ...Soros kills anything that smells of money, to enrich himself (see GBP or Euro vs South American currencies)...JUST WOW!
  14. I recall reading that to implement Swift itself like TOOK 5 years from announcing to actual usage as a "much needed" system. If they don't use XRP, we better be sweating and looking out for Swift's new blockchain tech...in 2024! LOL
  15. Did not Know that! Great info Tiny...BTW my demand comment was not FUD, just seemed to me XRP demand MUST be up, not waning, so counter intuitive to business to lower XRP fees, to my mind, but good for the Aussies!
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