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  1. Wow, I really didn't think this would be repeated. Looks like they are going to see how long they can get away with doing this.
  2. I will give it a try and see what happens. Seems kind of brazen if they keep doing this though.
  3. This is interesting and needs to be watched. If we were to have buy orders set at a low price, say 11 to 15 cents, would these have been filled? It might be worth trying for two reasons. Obviously for the cheap xrp, but also to thwart the nefarious behavior if enough of the community is aware of this.
  4. @CyPhlux on Twitter posted it. Check his pinned tweet. He states he paid xrpdarren for his research. I have not yet had the time to read through it myself and it looks like it will take some time to do so. I think it's 60+ pages.
  5. Saw this in another thread. Looks like it may have some connection to xcurrent. It would be nice!
  6. Do you guys think that this is something that will be addressed with the new upcoming FAFT regulations?
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