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  1. I’m back to working on this project again. I’ll post background material as I run across it.
  2. @SquaryBone Thank's for inquiring. I just posted some updates here. I'm still a bit overwhelmed and am slowly catching up. If anyone had urgent issues please PM or post them and tag me so I get a beep.
  3. Wow it has been longer than I expected. Thank you everyone for sending all your good wishes. I've had a bunch of family related issues to handle over the past few months. Some were related to family members. Just the kind of things that every family has from time to time. But these issues outrank everything else for me. I don't mind talking about my issues, but the ones related to others I'm going to keep to myself. For those wondering, the doctors assure me that my prostate cancer is likely handled. They assure me this is true even though my PSA numbers are still higher than they should b
  4. Thanks for understanding. I do find as I wade back in that I have a lot of catching up to do again. Both on the actual news and the community's perceptions of the actual news. Of course on top of that there are huge amounts of rumors, speculation and riddles. I'm absolutely sure I don't have enough time to catch up on those.
  5. Thank you dr_ed and everyone else for sending your good wishes. I'm about to go have another PSA test today. Hopefully this will be the one that finally goes down. I should know by Thursday when I have an appointment with my doctor. But I am feeling better and have settled most of the issues and projects that have kept me away. So I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everyone here again. I'll also be working with Polly to get the study group back on track. Sorry to everyone for the delay.
  6. We'll definitely do something. Let me get my focus back first though.
  7. I find myself without the concentration to watch videos. Which is strange because I seem to have to concentration to read and type an enormous amount of text. :-) But when faced with discussions like ERC-20 tokens, lightning payment channels and other "novel" ideas, it all seems so 5 years ago to me. I'll try to watch this tomorrow. I need to get a little sleep now. I hope I was helpful.
  8. This is largely only true for corporates correct? It seems like the "workaround" DS was describing is the use of xVia to bridge xCurrent and xRapid so MG can quote Fiat to Fiat while completing via xRapid. See my other post on xNaming clarification. SWIFT runs a financial messaging system that is true. But xVia isn't the messaging system for RippleNet. Instead, each xProduct has an integrated messaging component that assures each financial party agrees to the terms of a transaction before any money moves. xVia is simply a hosted solution (and API) for business to use in ori
  9. That is really old information. It was true that the recommended UNL contained only 5 ripple operated validators for quite some time. But that changed one more people became able to reliably operate their own rippled validators. Currently the recommended starting UNL seems to be downloadable from here https://vl.ripple.com. I'm presuming that it is a signed blob so that it can be verifiably hosted elsewhere as well. This page documents who owns and operates those validators (UNL column). https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators
  10. Not at all like lightening network, Banks provide their own liquidity, still uses Nostro/Vostro, and xCurrent is simply tracking/directing/updating private ledgers of the movement/release of funds between the two or more institutions involved. After reading a bit more, seems they're bringing issued currencies and gateways on the XRPL into the mix, and that's mostly what they're referring to here. Ripple from its origination in classic RipplePay has had "trust lines" (accounts) in multiple currencies. It has often used the term IOU in reference to these accounting relationships.
  11. I can't for the life of me think of what they have misunderstood here. I'm sure the default UNL API call is referenced through an HTTPS based URL to avoid tampering. But I don't know of any other downloaded keys or certs. I don't know of Ripple signing other's certs either.
  12. Yes exactly! In practice it works really well. However, it must be configured within the spirit of what you've written. It is pretty easy to show that if you have zero overlap, or minimal overlap in network participants then their ledgers will diverge.
  13. Think of it the other way around. Anyone can make a UNL list. They don't have to ask permission from the validators to do so. So if you don't like Ripple's list, you just publish your own with the edits you want. It is then up to you to convince everyone else that your UNL starting list is better than Ripple's UNL starting list. If there is significant overlap between the two than they can easily coexist without consequences. If on the the other hand you propose a dramatically different UNL (worst case zero overlap), then you are simply proposing that a new transactional fork is
  14. Think of the Ripple suggested default UNL as two independent things. 1. It is a Validators ID == Public Key to node operator name map. This is what makes any particular validating node "known" and assures that any given UNL has only one "unique" entry for that node operator. Technically, Ripple as a validator operator has not necessarily had a single "unique" entry on the default UNL. But that has been an operational compromise the company is working to remove. 2. It is an attestation by Ripple that the particular validators on the list are reliably operated. Meaning they have consi
  15. This is where I'm confused about the whole consensus mechanism overall. I understand you can have different pools (UNLs), but how do they all stay in sync? If one validator or group gets out of sync or behind, does it just grab a current ledger close and pick back up? How does this sort itself out? I think I addressed this in my previous post. Their astonishment is based purely on bad presumptions. If I specify 5 validators I will stay in agreement with them. If you specify 5 validators, you will stay in agreement with those. There is no underlying presumption that I want to stay in
  16. My best answer to this - That's just Ripple's list, if the default UNL becomes a small minority the rest of the network disagrees with, there is no overriding protocol/code putting Ripple or it's UNL nodes as a higher authority to the rest of the network. I'm confused as to what happens when the nodes start disagreeing. ( I realize this is a deep deep dive into consensus protocol, if I need to go read up somewhere I'm happy to if anyone can recomend a link to follow) Binance Academy doesn't seem to understand even the most basic concepts. Each rippled node operates complet
  17. Wow @SamIam there is a lot of crap in that "report". Not sure I have the interest to tolerate reading it. I'm under the weather so feeling a bit grouchy. Any snark is targeted at the writers of the "report" @SamIam is questioning. Not toward Sam's queries xVia was billed initially as an interface for corportates so submit payments via RippleNet. Birla recently tweeted that it's a bridge between xCurrent and xRapid. Can you add anything to that? Has that always been the case? On the centralized consensus, my understanding - it's running on top of ILP and using a pay
  18. Sorry to disappear for so long. The week turned out to be more involved than I thought. Just as a quick recap, I've been fighting prostate cancer. I had radiation treatment, but my PSA numbers have not responded in the way they were expected to. (down) Unfortunately, they have been trending up. This is quite puzzling to the doctor's because I caught the cancer early. It was also a less aggressive variant that should have responded to treatment easily. That has been coupled to some nagging discomfort in the area that won't seem to go away either. So last week was a bit stress inducin
  19. That is crazy inconvenient. Does that have something to do with the web socket connection? The client doesn't seem like it should need anything like that?
  20. Thanks @Hodor! I'll edit the original post to change the links.
  21. Many of the most confusing things about Ripple and XRP are related to poorly chosen names. I'm sure most people are familiar with this infographic that Ripple published. But it is important to realize that the above names are just the most recent choices. Prior to this, the company and products have been called many different things. Some of are detailed in links referenced above, but many are not. It is nearly impossible to talk about the subject and why people are confused without referencing prior names and how they have changed. Company Currency System Ecosystem P
  22. So I’m done evaluating client software and planning what I want to share. I’ve also setup a bunch of demonstration accounts on the test net. I have a decent deck for the first session. I may add a couple of animations to it tomorrow just for clarity. So really, all that is left is to pick a date and time to get started. I can’t wait to see what y’all have come up with. I’m hoping we can work out a plan with two sessions each week about 12 hours or so opposite each other. That way, hopefully everyone will be able to find an acceptable time to participate live. If we do thos
  23. Awesome! I'm ready to pick some dates and times. I'll post more shortly.
  24. Over the past few days I've setup some example ledger configurations and done a bunch of client testing. My goal was to find the best client to teach with. I'm going to presume that everyone I'm teaching is using the same client software. That is not a strict requirement, just a crutch to keep me sane. So to make things easy on myself, I'm going to start with the final version of the original Ripple client that I built myself. The main reason for this is that I have downloadable zips for Mac, Windows and Linux. https://github.com/BobWay/ripple-client-desktop/releases/tag/1.4.0-rc2-2
  25. Thanks, I didn't know that. But you are right, I think quitting and restarting might be faster. @r0bertz The one think I'd like to wrap my head around is where the client caches any of its non-wallet data. I like to run multiple clients at the same time. (often six or more) when the client was browser based, there were fewer issues because all the data was kept separated. Somehow, when it was built to run standalone some bugs crept in that seem to be related to sharing cached data.
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