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  1. @JoelKatz advertising guy here. does ripple plan on doing an forward facing advertising in the near future? my mind immediately goes to the design animation world, and all of the incredible ways the tech behind ripple could be presented to the masses in that format. look at all the traction @BobWay is getting via this forum, i can imagine turning the dial just a bit towards a consumer facing video could be greatly beneficial as well. something like this comes to mind: http://buck.tv/#/work/project/12013/palette-perfect http://buck.tv/#/work/project/11755/datagrams https://nexusstudios.com/work/wef-ticket-office/
  2. bob, thoughts on this?
  3. thanks bob, would love your opinion on it. looking forward to seeing what you find!
  4. thanks bob! check this out in regards to singapore. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/XRP/USD:r9Dr5xwkeLegBeXq6ujinjSBLQzQ1zQGjH?interval=3d&range=max&type=candlestick
  5. Bob, big fan, and thanks for your time and patience with our questions. Any thoughts on Ripple using a test gateway in Singapore, and are there instances where properties on the XRPL can be masked?
  6. when will we see x-rapid volume start to kick in, and how robust is ripple's test ledger?
  7. is there a hidden ledger?
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