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  1. General adoption is way more important than the actuall price. If Ripple can make more partners, increased use and make XRP the future standard. The price will rise. Not due to golden crosses or any predictions made by looking at Charts. But for day trading, I see the point using Charts.
  2. Is this a big laugh, I know anyone can make predictions, but we are now at the end of May, so I Guess we will find out wether this profecy will come true :-)
  3. I don't know if this article has been listed here before, take a look at this article, in special read the prediction from Bearable Bull. follow the link: https://todaysgazette.com/ripple-xrp-price-analyst-sees-xrp-at-5-10-in-9-to-10-days-1200-as-2019-price-limit/
  4. https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-announces-100-million-fund-as-it-partners-forte-to-dive-into-gaming-industry/
  5. Nice article: https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-announces-100-million-fund-as-it-partners-forte-to-dive-into-gaming-industry/
  6. Taking about price prediction, take a look at this wishful thinking back from January :-) https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/451W51fc-XRP-MARCH-2019-THE-MONTH-YOUR-LIFE-CHANGES/
  7. OK, but i was not fake News :-) So which other big Financial institutions are using Xpring? By the way, I think that XRP into gaming industri is exiting News, "Forte and will be used to integrate blockchain technology and XRP into existing games"
  8. It is essential to understand that XRP is not the same as Ripple. They are two different things. This situation is unlike Bitcoin which its community is the same as the currency. Ripple is the company, XRP is a currency. First, Ripple has three products: xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia. xCurrent helps banks to transfer money efficiently across borders, and it makes use of the RapidNet. RapidNet is the Ripple blockchain. xCurrent as a product does not use XRP. xVia helps parties outside banks to make transactions through the banks. It does not use XRP either. The only product that uses XRP is xRapid. xRapid helps to improve liquidity when entering emerging banks. Out of the over 100 partnerships with the financial institutions, only one which is a none bank financial institution called Cuallix from Mexico uses the xRapid
  9. Mercury FX Processes Its First Cross-Border Transaction with xRapid https://smartereum.com/48643/xrp-xrp-latest-update-mercury-fx-processes-its-first-cross-border-transaction-with-xrapid-xrp-news-today-xrp-usd-price-today/ I after all I have read at this forum, my only conclusion so far is that I think 2019 will be a significant year for XRP.
  10. VC trade launch in March. Anyone With more followup's on this case?. There are several articles about this, and Japanese banks. Please comment. I also came across this today: Mercury FX Makes History Completing First Commercial Payment with Ripple’s xRapid link: https://www.coinspeaker.com/mercury-fx-commercial-payment-ripples-xrapid/ Looks like many potensial triggers in near future.
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