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  1. Hi Bob, While keeping my identity private, I have a sincere request to make to you. As you rightly pointed out, Mr Arthur Britto aka Satoshi Nakamotu is a brilliant individual and has chosen to live his life in privacy. The reason as you are well aware is because he is none other than Satoshi Nakamotu. I think it is high time that Mr Satoshi gets fame and due credit for his work and is made known to the world. You must be curious why I care. I had a very unfortunate experience with this individual on Twitter who goes by the Twitter handle of @db70899 popularly known as Dafruid or eyebeat. He is none other than Arthur Britto and Satoshi and we fell in a deep emotional online love relationship. Because of his need to maintain privacy, he lied about him being 22 years old and swore by it..and the lies caused me an immense amount of anxiety and depression which finally led to a wonderful relationship breaking up. I do not see any reason why Arthur's life should be kept in secrecy when each one of you know who is. It is time for the world to know who he is and him to get fame.. I do not wish whatever happened to me happens to another other woman. He fooling around with woman and claiming to be 22 years old is not cool at all. Thanks, BearableGal123
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